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Countdown to Spirit Football: The Defensive Line

Countdown to Spirit Football: The Defensive Line

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
June 24, 2072

One of the most dangerous units on the Leafa Spirit football team is the defensive line. Coached by young prodigy Gil Tavares, the defensive line are highly skilled at the pass rush but are most deadly at stopping the run. Speed and acceleration are the centerpiece of this unit, and all of the players on this defensive line had aspirations of playing in Super Rugby or AFL before a change of heart had all of them committing to play gridiron.

The left ends are Jackson Kaburaki, Gary Acura and Sam Touzokuyama.  The son of cousins Runa and Ryuusei Kaburaki, Jackson plans to use football to get away from the hectic life of playing eroge. Kaburaki hails from Bundaberg, QLD. Acura, a native of Bunbury, WA, is the younger cousin of former Mitakihara Magi defensive lineman Dev Acura but possesses the same deadly playmaking ability. Gary's specialty is the pass rush. Touzokuyama, who is known as "Tozza" or "Tosser" for short, is the son of Megumu Touzokuyama and Akane Mahougasawa and comes from Rockhampton, QLD.

Darren Kurokiba, Riley Adashino, Harrison Kazama and Lewis Sakishima are the right ends. At 6'5", 236 lbs, Adashino comes from Wagga Wagga, NSW and is the son of Kouta Adashino. Kurokiba, the son of Ryou Kurokiba and Alice Nakiri, is 6'3", 260 lbs and is a native of Hervey Bay, QLD. Kazama is 6'6, 278 lbs and is used as a backup offensive guard, center or tackle. A native of Wentworth, NSW, Kazama is the son of Shun Kazama and Umi Komatsuzaki. The 6'5", 248 lb Sakishima is the nephew of Navy Midshipman head football coach Hikari Sakishima and comes from Mildura, VIC.

The defensive tackles are Levi Iori, Joshua Kodai, Oscar Inui, Archie Fujiwara and Zach Kurosawa. A native of Mooropna, VIC, the 6'3", 301 lb Iori is the son of Sei Iori and China Kousaka and is infamously known for having a fetish for buffets and bodypillows. Kodai is 6'1", 301 lbs, hails from Shepparton, VIC and is the son of Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori. Kodai is an astrophysics major. The son of Hayato Inui, Oscar Inui is 6'2", 312 lbs and is a native of Tannum Sands, QLD.

Born Archie Honda in Gladstone, QLD, the 6'2", 301 lb Archie Fujiwara chose to honor his late great-grandmother, Taiga Fujiwara, by adopting her last name as his own. Finally, Kurosawa, a 6'4", 310 lbs beast from Port Macquarie, NSW, is the son of Haruto Kurosawa and Ibara Naruse and is a part-time music producer.