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Countdown to Spirit Football: The Skill Players

Countdown to Spirit Football: The Skill Players

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
June 22, 2072

The running backs and receivers are referred to by Leafa offensive coordinator Rothwell Grundy as "the skill players" because of their skills at handling the ball and getting in position to gain yards after a carry and/or catch. Picked from across Australia, Leafa's skill players are the best this country has to offer. And with the exception of one player, they are all freshmen.

"I'm really proud of our efforts to recruit players nationally and give them a chance to play against teams from across the pond," said Coach Grundy after practice at Houraisan Centre. "We've learned from our peers at Mitakihara on how to recruit for players and our scouts have been milling about to find some stars who can play at this level."

Freshman Noah Hu is a 5'9", 220 lb halfback from Adelaide who is knows as "Hu Dat" for his love of the New Orleans Saints and his thick-rimmed glasses when going out in public. Freshman impact player Jackson Tatara is from Queensland's Sunshine Coast and brings a balance of speed and power. Redshirt freshman Hunter Aoshima is 6'0", 190 lbs, comes from Newcastle and is the son of Soichi Aoshima and Sakura Momoi, two Japanese entrepreneurs.

Sophomore halfback Ethan Wakamatsu hails from the Gold Coast and is the son of Hirotaka Wakamatsu and Yuzuki Seo. His wife, sophomore Umi Kousaka, is a champion surfer. Finally, freshman Flynn Azuma is the tallest of the halfbacks, standing at 6'2", 220 lbs. Azuma is a local product, raised in Greenway, Canberra, ACT and is the son of Kyoutaro Azuma. Leafa's lone fullback is redshirt freshman Blake Seragaki, a 6'0" 229 lb bowling ball from Wollongong, NSW and is the son of Aoba Seragaki.

At the heart of the spread option attack of Leafa are its receivers, who can not only catch but can also block. All are freshmen. Zach Choi, a descendant of mahjong pro Choe Myeong Hwa, is 6'6", 242 lb and hails from Launceston, TAS. Connor Yasaka is the cousin of Mitakihara Magi wide receiver Mikoto Yasaka and comes from Cairns. Dayne Tsunashi is another Queenslander, born and raised in Townsville, and is the son of Hajime and Kaoru Tsunashi. Ballarat's Oliver Isaki is the grandson of Sayu Hisanuma and Kaname Isaki, and is nicknamed "Olimar" for his resemblance to Captain Olimar of Pikmin fame.

Mitch "The Itch" Kihara comes from Toowomba, QLD and is the grandson of Tsumugu Kihara and Chisaki Hiradaira. He is known as "The Itch" for his fetish with poison oak. Archer "The Hero" Hiiro is from Geelong, and is a proud Cats fan. The son of Okamura Hiiro, Archer also does archery but considers gridiron to be his primary sport ahead of that and AFL. Xavier Kim is the son of a homeless Korean sugar daddy and a rich Macau multimillionaire that happen to reside in Hobart, of all places.

Wideout Tyler Aki is a son of Minoriko Aki and Rinnosuke Morichika who happens to reside independently in Bendigo with his wife, freshman liberal arts major, Kanako Mimura, before moving to Canberra to pursue a criminal justice degree. Finally, Sebastian Kamiya comes from Darwin and represents the Northern Territory on this team. A great-grandson of Hiroshi Kamiya, Kamiya used to be a secondary school radio disc jockey before finding his calling playing gridiron.

A good option attack can't be made possible without the gameplay of its tight ends, who are apparently good MMORPG gamers themselves. Wodonga's Kai Emiya is the great-grandson of Shiro Emiya and is a part-time League of Legends pro from the guild Back of Bourke. Another local, Queanbeyan's Tom Arashi, is the cousin of Mitakihara's Jack Arashi and specializes in HearthStone, while Albury, NSW's Nathan Manatsu, the cousin of the Magi's Daniel Manatsu, prefers World of Warcraft. Finally, Mackay, QLD's Jayden Park, standing at a hefty 6'3", 254 lbs, is an ace at Starcraft II.