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Countdown to Spirit Football: Quarterbacks

Countdown to Spirit Football: Quarterbacks

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
June 21, 2072

Training camp for the 2072 college football season took place at the climate-controlled Houraisan Centre, the administrative centre of the Leafa College American football, athletics and field hockey teams that is essentially a copy of Hakurei Centre in Mitakihara University's main campus. Simulation of hot and cold conditions took place on the synthetic surface, including routine drills. As this was the first day, pads and helmets were omitted.

The quarterbacks are the leaders of this year's Leafa College gridiron team. The captain of the team, Lachlan Akai, is 6'4", 195 lbs and hails from Redfern, Sydney. A Rabbitohs supporter, the game of American football intrigued Akai and he decided to give the sport a try. Soon enough, he was one of the top passers at Macquarie Grammar School and his throwing ability caught the eye of the Leafa Coaching Staff.

"Then I went to the tryouts, and they said, 'Lachie, I want you to join us and continue your education here,'" said Akai, the son of Kou Akai and Eimi Tadokoro. "Sure enough, here I am, getting ready to play college football against the best teams in America. And I ended up becoming the captain on offense. Really excited to lead the boys."

Cooper Kanie, named after former Melbourne Storm star Cooper Cronk, hails from Port Melbourne. Too slow for rugby league and too soft for AFL, Kanie turned to gridiron as a way to showcase his playing abilities. The payoff has been huge.

"No one thought I had a chance to make it," said Kanie, the grandson of legendary Japanese playboy Seiya Kanie and his wife Isuzu Sento. "But I proved to myself that I can make the big time wherever I go, and I am ready to show what I can do."

Jack Mikoshiba is the son of Chiyo Sakura and Mikoto Mikoshiba and an aspiring artist and graphics designed. Hailing from Perth alongside his good friend, cornerback Billy Ooji, Mikoshiba possesses excellent mobility in pace and runs a 4.1 non wind-aided 40. He has the highest vertical jump of all the players at 46" (117 cm). All the others have exact verticals of 40.0" (102 cm).

"I could have been a star playing AFL but I didn't want to sacrifice my education," said Mikoshiba. "Mom preferred that I play gridiron anyway and Dad said the same thing, so now I'm playing for Leafa."

Brisbane's very own Liam Oono is the son of Kanako Oono and Kanji Sasahara. Generally, he would adopt his father's last name but elected to change his last name to that of his mother's for one particular reason.

"I spent my first two years of my life feeding off my mother' know," he said. "Since then, I have found a wonderful wife that resembles my mom and reminds me of my mom. Every day, I dedicate my game to my parents, who have been a big part of my life. This is my chance to really make them proud."