Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hail To Leafa College

The song "Hail To Leafa College" is Leafa College's alma mater, penned by Cruz "Caddy" Franklin, the great-grandson of Australian Rules Football player Lance "Buddy" Franklin. The melody used for this song is "I'll Be Home For Christmas," an old American standard used for the Christmas season. Legend has it that this was penned on a cold July evening outside Leafa Tower, the bell tower in Leafa Quad that is part of the athletic department's crest which is shaped like a Musical Rune L. This alma mater was approved in Dec. 2070 by the LeafaCAS.

Hail To Leafa College,
Alma mater dear,
Though times may pass,
The memories last.
They last throughout the years.
More than just our mother,
More than just our friend.
Hail To Leafa College,
We're with you till the end!

-C. Franklin '71