Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jay Madanbashi: The Most Interesting Man At Leafa College

Leafa College provost Kyouko Sonan and her husband, Kouichi Madanbashi, the parents of Leafa Spirit FS Jay Madanbashi.

Jay Madanbashi: The Most Interesting Man At Leafa College

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
August 30, 2072

It's not easy being a son of a perverted robot pilot and a willing college provost because the expectations, nonexistent as they may seem, are astoundingly high. But Leafa College freshman Shuhei "Jay" Madanbashi is a scholar built to fulfill high expectations...while at the same time indulge in the benefits with gusto. Madanbashi's father, Kouichi, escaped death once to live to tell his peers about it before finally marrying Leafa provost Kyouko Sonan. Jay attributes his upbringing to his father's toughness and his mother's assertiveness.

"I have really good parents," Jay said after training at Houraisan Centre. "My mum is a very nice lady and is one of the leaders at Leafa so if I have to report to her, it's because I'm not doing well with my units. My father was known for being very lewd and naughty and because of that, I've had tall tales of me sleeping with different women from other sororities and sports teams in my bed room in the dorms.

"I'm not going to say whether they are true or not because I don't want to defame anybody, even myself," he says with a grin that is reminiscent of his father. "You don't really believe me do you? Your call, your call."

Regardless, Jay has been renowned by his peers for being a gentleman by day and a lecher by night. The balance of saint and sinner, angel and devil, yin and yang is part of the mystique of Jay Madanbashi, who will get the start at free safety this week for the Leafa Spirit gridiron team against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Aside from his highly-publicized dual persona, the former Albany, WA native and current business major is well-rounded in his knowledge of American football.

"I like to dissect each position on the field, on offence, on defence, on special teams, and the coaches," Jay said. "Every member on a football team has an important role to do. It's like a team of actors following a script with unscripted parts rolled in. I have praise for the many great players who have excelled at their positions in the past two centuries. The game is quicker, it's faster and more exciting to watch than ever before. It's great entertainment, and that's why I wanted to play college football: I want to put on a show."

But there is a far bigger dilemma awaiting Jay, far bigger than putting on another rock-solid performance on the field in a helmet and pads.

"I need to choose a female partner and stick with her." he said. "I can't have too many of my cohorts following me because I might give birth to too many bad boys out of wedlock. I know I've got appeal, but it's how I use it that determines my standing in this high class society that I am drowning in. So I have to be careful.

"Sometimes being a chick magnet like me can be like being a prisoner of conscience or sanity. Something like that. So every day, I thank God that I got myself a mum and a dad that give me the best advice I could ever use. They literally went through hell to get me to heaven, I can tell you that much!"