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Leafa College to enter NCAA in 2072, Hawai'i move down, SJSU return

Leafa College to enter NCAA in 2072, Hawai'i move down, SJSU return

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
July 10, 2071

At a press conference that took place at Kirigaya Family Pyramid, a massive announcement was made by National Collegiate Athletic Association President Chris Adams. The venue was packed, including supporters from across the Australian Capital Territory. More than 300 members of the press were on hand to witness this occasion.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said Mr. Adams from the dais, "it is my honour to welcome the Spirit of Leafa College to the National Collegiate Athletic Association of the United States and Canada as a full time member of Division I and of the Mountain West Conference of the Football Bowl Subdivision."

The words cued massive cheers and applause, as well as a standing ovation. Along with the move, Hawai'i has elected to go down to Division I's Football Championship Subdivision, while the San Jose State Spartans return to the FBS as a full member of the Mountain West after relative success in the Big Sky Conference in football and the Big West Conference and other conferences in other sports. Leafa becomes the first-ever Australian-based member of the NCAA and comes in with plenty of talent, having won multitudes of national championships domestically.

As part of the deal, the NCAA and the Mitakihara University System will cooperate through a renewable 100-year agreement to finance transportation and accommodations for its athletic teams as well as its traveling supporters during each college sports season. Leafa's parent campus, Mitakihara University, is currently a member of the Big Sky Conference in football and West Coast Conference in other sports after six decades of winning national championships at the FBS level.

"What a day to lift your Spirit higher, no?" said college provost Kyouko Sonan. "We are but a young institution that is growing and growing, and our success in competition finally gives us a chance to challenge our American brethren from across the Pacific. We look forward to welcoming the top athletic programs from America to Canberra, where we are sure to show them all a good time. We are ready. Come On You Spirit!"

As a result of the move, an alma mater and fight song have been commissioned, as well as a brand-new marching band that will accompany a number of its teams, who were formerly club sides but have now gained varsity status following the announcement. Leafa will not begin its NCAA membership until the start of the 2072-73 college sports calendar, which begins on July 1, 2072.