Monday, December 15, 2014

How Jackson Tatara Got The Nickname "The Tartar"

How Jackson Tatara Got The Nickname "The Tartar"

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
September 13, 2072

Halfback Jackson Tatara is a regular on the Leafa College Spirit football team. The son of Kenshiro Tatara, the 5'10", 200-lb halfback from Sunshine Coast, QLD is the team's leading rusher and mixes power running with speed and pace. All players on the Spirit team tend to have nicknames, and for Tatara, he has his own nickname: "The Tartar." How did it happen, some may ask?

"Well, it just sounds similar to my last name," said Tatara after training on the Houraisan Centre playing surface. "Other than that, nothing too remarkable. When I was in secondary school and I was learning about the game of gridiron, my peers called me 'Tartar' just for the fun of it. The name stuck, for some odd reason.

"So, what I did was actually look up what a Tartar is. I found out that it's more than just a sauce or something stuck to teeth after not brushing. It's actually an alternate pronunciation of Tatars, a Turkic people in Russia. Then I found out that they were associated with the legacy of Genghis Khan. Also, I fouind out that the Tatars of today are from Azerbaijan, Finland, China, the Crimea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Siberia, Russia, of course...

"They are a resilient people, the Tatars, and I suppose that their resiliency and hard work ethic in the heat of battle is something that inspires me to work at a high level on and off the field. Actually, Tatar sound closer to Tatara, when you think about it. It really is funny to see how a nickname for fun can actually have some meaning to it in the end."