Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yuuna Yuuki: A Hero, A Wife, And A Relative Of A Former Mitakihara Provost

Yuuna Yuuki: A Hero, A Wife, And A Relative Of A Former Mitakihara Provost

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
September 5, 2014

Yuuna Yuuki is the grand-niece of former Mitakihara University Main Campus Provost Asuna Yuuki. She is also the wife of Leafa Spirit quarterback Cooper Kanie. Yuuki is a social work major and longs to work in humanitarian missions while being the best wife she can be to Cooper.

"I first met Cooper back in high school, when I moved to Australia with my parents in search of fame and fortune and a better life," said Yuuki. "We settled in Mulgrave, which is a suburb of Melbourne, and my house was not too far from Waverley Park, where the Hawthorn Footy Club trains. Coincidentally, my house was next to the Kanie Family household, who also moved from Japan. Mr. Seiya [Kanie] and Mrs. Isuzu [Kanie] are good friends and I sometimes look up to them for advice on my academic work.

"Anyway, when I first met Cooper, I was a bit in awe of his form. Here he is, really tall, well-chiseled, with a non-threatening yet assertive look, and I though, I need to get to know him and what he does; he is like a Japanese Hercules or something. We talked a lot, helped each other out with classwork, went out together, and then I decided that it got to a point where we can be together permanently.

"We both chose to enroll at Leafa College to continue our education, and before this past January and after our first year as student, I married him in December and we had our honeymoon on the Gold Coast. We plan to have kids after we earn our degrees and he is able to find a team in America to play for.

"What's awesome about us is that we are very independent and we're each other's best partner. I swim and surf, he plays gridiron and AFL. I cook my own meals, and so does he. Cooper doesn't need to be told what needs to be done because he's always doing something. He's very active and we like to go on runs when he has free time.

"I really like Cooper. He's got a huge upside to his personality, always shows tact, and brings out the hero in me every day. That's why I am proud to be his wife."