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Denny and Bucky: Leafa College Does Have Odd Couples

Denny and Bucky: Leafa College Does Have Odd Couples

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
September 28, 2072

Aiden Satomi doesn't believe in slowing down. A two-sport athlete as a schoolboy, Satomi elected to play gridiron to prove to the mates that a change of scenery could be a game-changer. Built with a strong leg, Satomi is capable of downing punts inside the 5-yard line on a routine basis. A fan of the Fremantle Dockers, he first met his now-wife of two years, Fubuki Satomi, in his second year at South Fremantle High School. Indeed, one of his predecessors is a legend at the club, the late Matthew Pavlich.

"I could have played the footy and followed my old, old, old man but I chose not to," said Aiden, nicknamed "Denny" by his mates at home and on the Leafa Spirit Gridiron team. "But I do like to watch the occasional game over at Subi. My club has won five flags so far, so no one can't say that the Premiership hasn't docked at Fremantle Harbour.

"I met Fubuki, who I personally call 'Bucky', over at South Freo High when I was in my second year there. She told me that she moved with her parents here because Japan was too crowded, finding work was a pain in the arse, and she wanted to actually enjoy being near a beach and visit the Doctor every day. So we started dating, I met their parents, wonderful folks, and I began treating her to some really good food because I come from a good family with well-off parents.

"Bucky wasn't too much into the footy when she first immigrated here. But as time went on, she started to settle down and watch the action occur. She told me that there were times that she would feel really lewd seeing all those boys in their jumpers going after the footy that she wanted to wear a Dockers jumper and use it as some pajamas for the summer. She's not pretty good at hand passing a ball with her fist, let alone kick one, but she looks really cute in it, especially when she blushes, which is a lot.

"When I told Bucky that I got admitted to Leafa, she told me, I also got admitted too. Then I knew that I was going to be with her for the rest of my life because there were other schools she should have gone. But she was serious about starting a new life with me. We've been together ever since but we're not going to have a family until we get our diplomas. If I don't get drafted, I plan to try out for the Dockers and maybe follow in the steps of my old man.

"Bucky is one of those no-nonsense types of partners for me. She does what she needs to do, is very smart and knowledgeable, can speak Japanese, English and Korean fluently and is very adaptable to any circumstance. She remembered when she was a shipgirl and it was tough to see so many of her mates go with her following them, but I am of the belief that these types of special heroines are reborn as ordinary people doing extraordinary things in special ways.

"When we head to class on any given day on campus, we want to become leaders and help make our country proud. And for me, I want to be a star playing sports. She wants to perhaps be a teacher and a housewife and that's fine by me. In any case, our future is finding a nice house in Freo and having a family to raise. My mates on the team tell me, 'Hey Denny, mate, how's Bucky treating ya?' And I say, 'yeah mate, she treats me like I'm a real man, because I am.' And I never tell them that she's giving me the don't argue.

"Because, to be honest, my wife Bucky is also a klutz of a missus and doesn't even know what the bloody hell the 'don't argue' is. We're quite the odd couple. But we pull for the Dockers. Because we like ships, especially Premierships."