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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Vic Tsuchimikado's Own Words

Hanako Kisaragi, Vic Tsuchimikado's wife.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Vic Tsuchimikado's Own Words

By Vic Tsuchimikado
Special To Spirit News
September 20, 2072

My name is Vic Tsuchimikado. I am a cornerback for Dan Harding's Leafa College Spirit. I am in my second year at the college, which would place me, under NCAA rules, as a redshirt freshman. I remembered when I was a young student in secondary school. I attended Denison College, which was still a young institution, compared to other similar secondary schools in the city.

One day, in my second year at Denison, I was returning home from class, and as I entered my study to relax before opening a book that talked about the oppression of women back in the 20th Century, I noticed there was a young girl, about my age, in tattered clothes and pink underwear, long purple hair, tears coming out of her eyes, sleeping, barely breathing, skin a little pale. At first glance, I wanted to call an ambulance, but I thought better of it and elected to give her CPR. She was also a bit wet, as if she nearly drowned in the ocean.

After a few minutes, she slowly opened her eyes. "W...where am I?" she asked. "I...can speak English? Where am I?"
I noticed the hairpiece next to her. Then I found out. " this you?"
" didn't forget about me..." She smiled. "I thought...I was gone..."
"Welcome back to Earth," I replied. "But now, you don't have any more obligations to fight anymore. You're free. You can live your life as a regular person."
"I...I've been saved..."
I believed that ship girls who are sunk are resurrected as regular girls who woke up from a nightmare. But I didn't think that my belief was going to be true. "You have been saved. It's over."
"Is everyone all right?" she cried. "Did we win?"
"Eternal victory," I said. She reached out and we hugged. "I think you need to take a bath. You smell of seawater."
"Is my hair fine?"
"I have shampoo in the bath. Go ahead and fix yourself up." I went over and handed her a towel. "I will head downstairs and fix you something. A lost girl like you doesn't need to be hopeless. I'll also throw your tattered outfit away. You look like a mess."
She took off her clothes, leaving her underwear on and took the towel. "Thanks a lot. What is your name?"
"The name's Tsuchimikado. Vic Tsuchimikado. If you have no place else to go, welcome to my family. I'll take you in and make you mine. You'll have to get used to my parents, they want to make sure you're a good fit."
" name...what will my name be?"
"Hanako Kisaragi. That is your name. You have the fragrance and aroma of the sweetest flowers that I ever encountered. And who you were before bloomed like a blossom. But a new beginning awaits us, and now, I want you to be with me, because I could never forget people who don't want to be alone."
She smiled, winked and went inside the bath to take care of herself. As I went downstairs to cook, I played a song, "Tokyo Boogie Woogie," that my father, Harutora, gave me when I was six. It was an old recording, but I used it to cook my favorite dish: steak and eggs. I wasn't so sure if Hanako was going to be receptive to such a fattening dish but I figured that if she needed to be nursed back to health, I had to do it in a way that would make my parents proud.

One hour later, I was able to prepare a nice steak dinner for two, complete with some red wine, even though the two of us were still too young to drink. I also realized that I needed to help Hanako become an Australian citizen. It did help that she did speak with our accent a little. But as I set the table down, I noticed that Hanako, now freshened up and looking like she never drowned in an ocean of sorrow, was still wearing her underwear but her bra was undone a bit.

"I want to make it up to you, my sweet Hoochie," Hanako said seductively, hearts in her eyes.
"Aren't you going to eat first though?" I asked, my manhood rising faster than the temperature in Bathurst. It was December.
"Dinner can wait. If there is something that I am hungry for..." She whispered in my ear. "It's your..."
"Oh my," he said. "You were brought back to life and now you want the full house already?" I ripped my clothes off. "This might be our lucky day." Soon enough, the two of us were making love and it didn't take me long to finally sow the seed into her after I unloaded everything I had. She wanted to show how grateful she was at being alive.
I wanted to no longer be a lonely boy. I wanted to become a father and a husband so bad. Now my parents would have to get used to me having a fiancee, but after I graduated from Denison, we both would marry. But by that point, she would be raising fraternal twins: Anna and Vic Jr.. They are three years old as of right now, under Hanako's care in the dorms.
As the waves died down, I caressed Hanako's face, running my hands down her perfection before embracing her. She was now sleeping, sighing as I ran my hands down her smooth purple hair. "Hoochie...I love you. Don't ever leave my side. I want you..."
That would be my nickname. Hoochie, only because  she couldn't pronounce my last name correctly. "I love you too." And we shared another kiss before we both fell asleep. From that point on, we would live together, she would gain her citizenship and now she is a student at Leafa pursuing a career developing beauty and skin care products. Hanako is also an expert at juicy gossip and sweet talk outside of a bed, as well as in it. I could never get bored with a wife like her.
Poor steak dinner. It was going to be a cold breakfast, and Hanako would get a bit tipsy from drinking all the wine but no matter. Whether drunk or not, I want a wife who doesn't argue to much, who takes care of the kids, who checks all the boxes. That's why when I get out on the field, I do it for my wife and my kids because that's what a dad is supposed to do. Of course, having to brush her hair every now and then is a necessary evil among the errands I need to run, but I do it anyway.