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Leafa College Athletic Director Erika Yano easing into role

Leafa College Athletic Director Erika Yano easing into role

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
October 13, 2072

Appointed on Sept. 1 midway through the 2072-73 college sports season, former computer graphic engineer Erika Yano is taking on a new challenge: being an athletic director for Leafa College's Department of Sport and Physical Education, the college's athletic department in partnership with the athletic department of Mitakihara University's Main Campus in Canada. The reason: working in the animation industry was just too boring.

"I can't be working in an environment where sleep comes at a premium and I don't have a really strong network of partners to communicate with," said Yano, who has a son that is looking to play gridiron for the Spirit in the future. "I already had years of leadership under my belt as a student in Japan, so I decided that I will become an athletic director and take on a more challenging role that is not so repetitive.

"Being an athletic director is a unique experience. You are in constant conversation, in close contact, with all of the coaches, trainers and recruiters from all the teams that compete in the NCAA and outside in, and you make sure that your teams are compliant. If something doesn't look right, I take the necessary corrective action to ensure that we don't receive any penalties.

"Furthermore, the importance of sportsmanship is something that some of the players on a number of teams take for granted. This is sport. This isn't war. You don't have to be violent to make a point, you just need to play according to the laws of the game. Leafa's players have been known to be benevolent, to be good sports, and to be strong advocates of sports as a way to be physically and mentally fit and balanced. Fights and unsportsmanlike actions by the teams are very rare out here, at least according to what I've been told.

"I hope that I will be able to do what I can to impress [provost] Kyouko [Sonan] and build a very strong reputation as the athletic director for the department I work. It's a nice change from the repetitive job I used to have in Japan. I have been personally impressed by the work of the football team and I hope they will continue performing to the best of their ability."