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Roy Hanamura's Wife Is No Mere Pushover

Roy Hanamura's Wife Is No Mere Pushover

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
September 27, 2072

Her smile, her spunk, her grace and her charms are a simple yet wholesome balance of sugar and spice. Roy Hanamura's wife of two years and counting is Erika Sendai, a native of Tokyo, Japan who recently acquired Australian citizenship and is now a first-year student at Leafa College, majoring in Marine Biology. You may not believe this, but she is the actual human reincarnation of the ill-fated Japanese cruiser Sendai from World War II. Many of the wives of the Leafa College Gridiron Team are actually married, and many are fathers.

"Oh yeah, Erika is always pushing me to perform every day or else I have to pay the price with my body," joked Hanamura at practice on campus at the Houraisan Centre pitch. "No, she's a great woman and we're a good match. She works out, she lifts, she runs, and she does a lot of biking in the wintertime when she isn't hitting the books with me at our dorm room. It also helps that she can speak English and Japanese fluently like me, so there are no language barriers. She sometimes calls me, 'Eroy', a pun on 'Eroi,' or perverted. And she's right. She's never wrong.

"I met Erika when I was in secondary school on a three-week stay to Tokyo. I got to meet her, we talked, and I started to have feelings for her. She liked me a lot and after my visit, we talked online, and one day, she decided to move here in my last year of secondary school so that she could live with me. When we got married, she finally revealed to me that she was the reincarnation of a ship. When I found out she should skate on water, I was convinced.

"She doesn't do that a lot these days because my peers would think she's absolutely bananas, so she just sticks to living a normal life. I remember during the last Schoolies Week, I was dressed as an admiral and she was dressed as how the Sendai would look like as a girl. So we finally eloped as I pleasured her and made her want me to the fact that she was destined to be a mother, there was no turning back.

"So now we have two kids, a boy and a girl. Rio and Yuriko are their names. They are just toddlers but they are a penchant for reading books about the ocean and about World War II. I told Erika, well done in getting them into that stuff while they're young. Hopefully this will convince them that the only way to achieve peace is through war, but war is a cruel way to resolve the worries of the world and that sport is a much better option.

"I want Erika to know that I am indebted to her. She's a very outgoing, confident, determined, feisty kind of wife for me. She's concerned at times if things get difficult, but is always there to support and give me a vote of confidence. She's also a proud mother and wants to be the best mom she can be. I already have plans to enter the workforce after I play gridiron but if something more lucrative comes my way, she'll be there to watch me make the most of it. I could never fall in love with anyone else than Erika Sendai. She is my salvation and my passion."