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Connor Yasaka Emerging From Shadow Of Cousin Mikoto

Suzanne Ichigo Sazanami, the wife of Leafa Spirit wide receiver Connor Yasaka.

Connor Yasaka Emerging From Shadow Of Cousin Mikoto

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
October 12, 2073

Hokuto "Connor" Yasaka is the cousin of Mikoto Yasaka, who plays wide receiver for the Mitakihara Magi of the Big Sky Conference. Connor, not keen on following in the footsteps of his cousin, has been a contributor to the Spirit's cause as a receiver and run blocker. The payoff? Winning college football's highest prize and racking up a ton of frequent flyer miles on the side.

Suzanne Ichigo Sazanami is the daughter of Constance Konoka Kaname and Itsuki Sazanami, As a descendant of the founder, Ichigo has a striking resemblance to Dr. Madoka Kaname in her youth and is known for wearing strawberry print as her intimate apparel. Ichigo and Connor are married and when she was interviewed by Spirit News, she was more than happy to give her thoughts about her husband.

"Oh yeah, Connor is a fun-loving person," Ichigo said. "I've never been to Cairns, but that's where he's from. He does a lot of Barrier Reef snorkeling and yachting and is majoring in environmental studies. He wants to work for a government agency dedicated to preserving the Reef, if playing in the NFL doesn't work out.

"I met Connor on the beach in Cairns while I was on holiday with my mom Konoka. He's a really tall guy, really ripped and he's a strong bloke. Connor got to meet my dad and when he told Dad that he was the nephew of Makoto Yasaka, his eyes just lit up and he said, 'Take care of my daughter and good luck to both of you but if you don't take care of Ichigo, I won't forgive ya!' Since then, we've been together, I moved in with Connor, who lives by himself, and when we graduated from Cairns State High, we decided to enroll at Leafa.

"Connor loves playing gridiron because it's a change from playing league. He loves league and AFL but feels those sports are too mainstream for him. After we got married in February of '02, he decided that the gridiron team was the thing for him. He made the team and the rest is history. I wish he would catch a few more passes but I trust that the coaches know what his role is on the team.

"He tells me that main objective is to emerge out of the shadow of Cousin Mikoto and make a name for himself. I think he's on his way. Sometimes the two of them chat with each other and I found out that Mikoto talks and thinks the same way so much that I can't tell the difference. But I prefer Connor to Mikoto anyway. Connor speaks English like he's from here, even though I emigrated from Australia. And he's got that smooth, sexy voice that tempts me to want him to sow the seed into me. I just get really lewd thoughts thinking about it. But we're not into any rush to have kids yet, because we have diplomas to chase."