Monday, February 16, 2015

Dancing Past Opponents A Part Of Hunter Aoshima's Style Of Play

Soichi Aoshima and Sakura Momoi, the parents of Leafa Spirit HB Hunter Aoshima.

Dancing Past Opponents A Part Of Hunter Aoshima's Style Of Play

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
October 23, 2073

Hunter Aoshima is the son of Soichi Aoshima and Sakura Momoi, two professional flamenco dancers. The dance moves and elaborate footwork are a part of Hunter's running style as a halfback for Dan Harding's Leafa College Spirit. While he is an understudy to Ethan Wakamatsu and Jackson Tatara, Aoshima is boosted by his newly-acquired wife Marine Amagi. Three months after Rinny dumped Flynn Azuma following a brazen decision to join the Navy Midshipmen, Aoshima and Amagi tied the knot and now Rinny is expecting twins in December.

"Being a father is an exciting experience for me and for my wife," said Hunter after training at Houraisan Centre. "I want to have twin boys or at least fraternal twins so that they can learn to have the same moves that I have. My wife calls me Honey, which is a clever pun on my name, Hunter.

"Mom and Dad wanted me to be a professional dancer but I said, 'actually, I want to play gridiron. My parents moved to Newcastle when I was still in my mother's womb. She thought that a change of scenery would be a good thing for me. After I was born, both Mom and Dad opened a dance studio and they ended up training a number of celebrities from across Australia and Asia. They still do that to this day, and they also do other contemporary forms of dancing to.

"I wanted to try out those moves that my parents were famous for when I first tried out for the local junior gridiron team. I don't think anyone at Newcastle High thought I was going to be this good as a halfback. So this guy with glasses comes along during a practice in my final year, and he says, 'Hey, are you Hunter Aoshima?' I said, 'Yeah, who are you?' He said, 'Dan Harding, coach, Leafa College gridiron. I'm inviting you to a tryout to play on the first-ever Spirit gridiron team that will play in the NCAA.'

"Then, all of a sudden, my eyes just lit up like light bulbs. I was like, 'Coach, are you serious!?' He said, 'See you there.' Then he drove off, perhaps to return back to Canberra. I had to tell my dad and mom that I was invited to tryouts. Soon enough, I made the team and I'm glad I decided to stay and not even think about transferring.

"I don't talk to Flynn now as often as I used to then. There are times that I kind of feel bad for him, but Leafa's coaches don't like losing players and I do feel that it was a very harsh move. He could have been a starter on this team, and he could have chosen ADFA for his military education. Then I remind myself that the woman that used to be his fiancee is now my wife and that Flynn is a Judas. His loss is my gain, and my mates get on with it."