Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Debut Album From Leafa Pops Symphony Orchestra Out!

Debut Album From Leafa Pops Symphony Orchestra Out!

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
January 17, 2073

The Leafa College Pops Symphony Orchestra is the college's primary orchestra, with 200 members, and works in partnership with the Mitakihara University Philharmonic of Mitakihara, Canada and the main campus of the Mitakihara University system. Today, their debut album was released: Streets And Roundabouts, a nod to the Spirit Pep Band's debut album, "Cities And Towns." Dr. Mizuki Makabe is Leafa Pops's Director of Music and head conductor, and is also a tenured professor at the College's School of Music.

"We held a meeting in August of last year to select 20 popular songs from years past that we would interpret for our new album," said Dr. Makabe. "It was a three-hour meeting, but it was up to the students to learn how to arrange music while at the same time earn course units for doing so. The end result is three months of recording our favorites."

"Streets And Roundabouts" is available on iTunes for $9.99 AUS.

Track List:

1. Demons
2. All About That Bass
3. Chandelier
4. Stay With Me
5. A Sky Full Of Stars
6. Team
7. Am I Wrong
8. Shake It Off
9. Feel So Close
10. Rude
11. Dark Horse
12. All Of Me
13. Fancy
14. Summer
15. Boom Clap
16. Burn
17. Rather Be
18. Hold On We're Going Home
19. Wrecking Ball
20. Bailando