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Debut Album From Leafa Social Club Out!

Debut Album From Leafa Social Club Out!

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
December 6, 2073

The Leafa Social Club is a glee club/social club composed of a number of select Leafa College students from across campus. With each passing year, the makeup of the group changes due to graduation and enrollment of first-years. Membership is offered at the discretion of the Sleeping Knights, who select members based on musicianship and commitment potential to the group.

The name Leafa Social Club was inspired by an old 1980's musical group called TImex Social Club. Its debut album is called "The Canberra Sound" and features the college's newest fight song and No. 1 hit on the ARIA charts, "Leafa, Heave Away!" Hikari Naka is one of the lead singers for LSC and arranged a number of covers on this album, which is primarily composed of covers.

"Our group goes back to the college's founding in 2045, but we never recorded an album until this year. So we have a lot of catching up to do," said Naka in an interview with Spirit News. "But we liked what we decided to cover. Our interpretation of our city's sound is cosmopolitan, easy to listen, a party. That makes people happy, that makes people feel special. That's why we decided to produce this album."

"The Canberra Sound" is out on iTunes for $9.99 AUS.

Track List

1. Leafa, Heave Away! (#1 ARIA)
2. My Happiness
3. Geronimo (#14 ARIA)
4. Waiting For The Sun
5. Woman
6. Secret
7. We Live
8. Show Me Love
9. Wrecking Ball
10. Loud Like Love
11. My Type
12. What About My Dreams? (#1 ARIA)
13. Ashes
14. Black Widow
15. Am I Wrong?
16. Little Talks
17. Same Heart (#24 ARIA)
18. Children Of The Universe
19. Rainmaker
20. Latch (With Leafa College Spirit Pep Band)
Bonus Track: We're The Spirit (Live, Homecoming 2073)