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Ethan Wakamatsu: The Pride Of The Gold Coast

Hirotaka Wakamatsu and Yuzuki Seo, the parents of Leafa Spirit halfback Ethan Wakamatsu.

Ethan Wakamatsu: The Pride Of The Gold Coast

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
November 30, 2072

The Gold Coast is known for having some of the finest beaches, the finest surfing, the finest entertainment, and the ritz and glamour that you would find in a resort town. Gold Coast City is also the home town of Leafa Spirit Gridiron halfback Ethan Wakamatsu, a graduate of Southport State High School in nearby Southport. Wakamatsu, the son of illustrator Hirotaka Wakamatsu and singer Yuzuki Seo, was born in Tokyo, raised in Surfers' Paradise from a young age and is married to former Japanese idol and now aspiring fashion designer/swimsuit model/teacher Umi Kousaka, a fellow second-year student at Leafa College.

"My father, when he was younger, used to hate my mother because she always teased him by calling him Waka, which is a short version of his last name," Wakamatsu said. "It's ironic because it doesn't affect me too much. I mean, all the mates on my team call me Waka and I like it because, get this, I watch the replays on the games, and I hear Shauno [Shaun Kirigaya] say, 'And look at this run from Big Waka, bursting through the seam on the right side, as if the seas parted like the Ten Commandments.' I'm used to it, you know?

"Anyway, my dad eventually came around and the two of them married and mom gave birth to me. We moved to the Gold Coast when I was still an infant because Dad got a similar job in Australia and Mum didn't want to leave Dad to stay in Japan. It was great: my mom became a well known music instructor in the area. My uncle Ryosuke also moved to Australia to do research at Bond University so that he could become a professor himself. He's been a great mentor and he even became my personal tutor.

Yuzuki Seo and Umi Kousaka, the mother and wife of Ethan Wakamatsu.

"I met Umi Kousaka while I was at Southport. She moved to Australia recently and decided to settle here because she wanted to leave the idol industry for a new challenge. She didn't have any place to go, so she ended up rooming with me. We got real close, went out, and I found out that she was a really good surfer. One time she rode a 10-foot wave for 20 minutes before arriving on shore...without falling off the board. I learned to surf from Umi and we surfed a lot when we weren't studying. After we graduated from Southport, Umi decided to beging the naturalization process and we married.

"We decided to enroll at Leafa College because we heard a lot of good things about Mitakihara University, its parent institution. They had a really good football team and the local gridiron team at Leafa was beginning to form. So I signed up at tryouts and became a halfback, because that's the position I played back at Southport. I did not think that the work I put in, along with Jackson T[atara] would be massive.

"Winning the national championship would be a big deal for me because I want to make my parents proud and I want to make my wife proud. My mother was a singer and looks good in a bikini and my wife was a singer and looks gorgeous in a bikini. I got two important women in my life, an important dad and a very smart uncle. So when I put all this pressure on me to succeed, it's going to go a long way."