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Flynn Azuma Looking To Finally Get His Big Break

Flynn Azuma Looking To Finally Get His Big Break

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
November 7, 2072

The hometown hero, halfback Flynn Azuma has yet to receive playing time for Dan Harding's Leafa College Spirit Gridiron team, but that will change this time around as Azuma is slated to start for the Spirit against the Fresno State Bulldogs in Spirit Senior Day 2072 at Yunipingu Field in Canberra, ACT. When asked of his biggest inspiration, Azuma laid a knowing smile.

Marine Amagi, the fiancee of Leafa Spirit halfback Flynn Azuma, with two of Flynn's future cousins, Hercule "Elly" Barton (left) and "Sheryl" Sherlock Shellingford.

"My fiancee Marine Amagi," Azuma said. "She is the love of my life, the reason I am planning to be a husband, the reason I am playing for Leafa. I remember the day we met back at my first year at UC Senior Secondary College, Lake Ginnindera in Belconnen. At first I thought her name was pronounced the way we pronounce it, but I found out it was the prounced mah-ree-nay. So I called her Rinny, and she called me Flinny. It's been that way ever since.

"Rinny told me she wanted to move to Australia because she was tired of being an idol and wanted to work perhaps as a stay-at-home mom or do a different profession other than singing. I asked her, you want to enroll at Leafa with me? She said, 'Sure, Flinny, let's do this, love.' One thing I like about Rinny is that she can speak English like she's lived in Hoppers Crossing all her life. 100% fluent in it. So after we make a campus visit to Leafa, we knew that we were going to enroll here."

"When I got to Leafa with my fiancee, we needed to decide what clubs to join. Rinny's now a Leafa Cheergirl, while I'm on the gridiron team as a halfback. Ethan [Wakamatsu] and Jackson [Tatara] have been ahead of me on the depth chart, so I haven't had a lot of playing time. But this week, Coach told me I'm ready to go ahead and get the start, so I will show everyone what I can do.

"It's strange that I, a son of two martial artists-actually, my aunt Minami was a prize fighter in her day-would be engaged to a former Japanese idol endowed with special elements that help her in her performances when she was singing in her native Japan. It's a curious juxtaposition, but for some reason, we were able to make it work, and now I will be marrying Rinny on Australia Day next year. And we will elope in Hamilton Island for a weekend before returning to classes.

"Once I do get married, I will have five new cousins, who may not be related by blood but are decisively close to me as soul sisters. They names: Hercule Barton, who I call 'Cousin Elly;' Nero Yuzurizaki, who I call "Cousin 'Ro;" Cordelia Glauca, who I call 'Cousin Delly;' Sheryl Sherlock Shellingford, who I call 'Cousin Sherls,' and Henriette Mystere, who I call 'Cousin Henny.' A lady by the name of Kokoro Akechi who is close to my future cousins told me she would be my godmother, so I will opt to call her 'Aunt Koko.'

"And I don't need to provide formalities and all that stuff. This is Australia. We're laid back and we love sport and informalities. I told Rinny, 'Dear, you're gonna love life here in Oz. Stick with me and I'll treat you like my princess because you truly, truly are.' She's a good listener, too, and I like girls that are faithful and are like that. You don't see those types of women where I come from these days."