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"I Got The Best Wife In The World": Jack Mikoshiba

Nadeshiko "Yamato" Sunohara, the wife of Leafa Spirit quarterback Jack Mikoshiba.

"I Got The Best Wife In The World": Jack Mikoshiba

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
November 29, 2072

Leafa Spirit quarterback Jack Mikoshiba rarely sees playing time as the third-string quarterback for Dan Harding's gridiron ball club. However, he has been summoned to start at least the first half to relieve longtime starter Cooper Kanie. When asked of the opportunity, Mikoshiba, the son of Chiyo Sakura and Mikoto Mikoshiba grinned.

Nagisa Furukawa, Ushio Okazaki and Tomoya Okazaki. Nagisa and Tomoya are Nadeshiko's great-grandparents, while Ushio is Nadeshiko's grandmother, all on her father's side.

Youhei Sunohara and Tomoyo Sakagami, 
great-grandparents of Nadeshiko Sunohara on her father's side.

"If you were to tell me that I would get this big of an opportunity to shine, you got another thing coming," said Mikoshiba after practice at Houraisan Centre. "But now I finally get my chance to show everyone that I can be a difference-maker on the field, too. They say good things happen to those who wait, and I believed it. And now it's come true.

"I have my wife, Nadeshiko Sunohara to thank. I call her 'Yamato' because she is, apparently, the reincarnation of that battleship from World War II that shouldn't have gone out towards Okinawa. Let me tell you, I got strong family roots. First off, Chiyo Sakura is my mother and Mikoto Mikoshiba is my father. Nadeshiko is my wife. Her father, Yukio, is the son of Ushio Okazaki and Daisuke Sunohara, who is in turn the son of Youhei Sunohara and Tomoyo Sakagami. Ushio, meanwhile, is the daughter of Nagisa Furukawa and Tomoya Okazaki.

Mikoto Mikoshiba and Chiyo Sakura, the parents of Jack Mikoshiba.

"I met Yamato back in secondary school, as have, perhaps a number of mates on my team. I said to her, faith what are you doing here in Perth, of all places? She told me that his father got a new job in the city working as an electrician and that he's planning to secure dual citizenship for him and her. And from that point on, we built a strong relationship. Yukio likes my personality, my character, my belief in putting women first, and he had no problems allowing me to marry her at the end of my final year at Armadale Senior High School

"Leafa was at the top our our heads. Yamato wanted to study marine biology, while I wanted to try my luck at the fine arts and also play gridiron for a living. I was a really good passer at Armadale. One time, during a passing contest, I threw a football from one end zone to the other. It even cleared the posts. One of the assistant coaches pretended to be a footy goal umpire and signal a goal. It was hilarious. But Yamato wanted to head it, and so did I.

"I want to be in it for the education, but I am still hoping that I will get my big break and make a lot of my parents proud. I want to make my wife proud, and I want to make a lot of my great-grandparents proud as well. They may not be able to see me, but their spirits lies in my wife, and that's why I have a massive Dango Daikazoku in my bedroom. I won't have any issues sleeping with my wife and the great big dango family with me; fair dinkum, I might as well be in my own personal heaven, singing in the shower, if you don't mind!"