Friday, February 13, 2015

"I Got Two Noisy Yet Adorable Roommates": Luca Mizushima

Harumi Ooi and Haruka Kitakami, the cousins thrice removed of Leafa Spirit CB Luca Mizushima.

"I Got Two Noisy Yet Adorable Roommates": Luca Mizushima

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
September 18, 2073

Saki Mizushima's son, Luca Mizushima, is a second-year cornerback for the gridiron team at Leafa College. At his apartment dormroom, he has a couple of roommates who also happen to be his cousins thrice removed: Haruka Kitakami and Harumi Ooi. Haruka and Harumi are lesbians and are planning to have children through Luca's intervention rather than using Madocoit.

"I got two noisy, yet adorable roommates," said Luca after practice at Houraisan Centre in an interview for Spirit News. "Haruka and Harumi are my cousins thrice removed and are the reincarnations of the torpedo cruisers Kitakami and Ooi from the last millenium. They like me, but they like each other more, but that's not the issue here.

"The issue is that Harumi gets really horny when she is around Haruka, and the two of them tend to do lews things to each other in bed. Really good in bed. So I have to tune it out by playing some slow and sexy flamenco music to relax. I generally like to play the bass guitar but I also play acoustic guitar on occasions. Normally they don't trouble me as much, but Harumi likes to act like a big sister to me, which I don't mind, but I'm the one that has to cook their meals.

"Haruka and Harumi like to watch games every now and then, maybe the occasional practice and workouts. I don't get distracted by the cheering that Harumi does, but it motivates me to make the simple plays, do the simple coverage, do the fundamentals the right way: with speed, with technique, with pinpoint execution, according to Coach Alc [Leafa Spirit secondary coach Spencer Alcasid]. But it does put a big smile on my face, knowing that those two are cheering me on.

"One day I might be leaving Australia to play in America, and the NFL. So, I need to make sure they have kids to take care of. Harumi, she says she ready to raise a baby girl, Haruka prefers a set of twin sons. I hope it's triplets: two boys and a girl. Haruka, really though, doesn't have a preference as to what kids they want to have. I just tell them: be ready, and hope they grow up to be as big and strong as us. That's important. That's what matters."