Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"I Have Three Cousins And A Wife And We're All Geeks": Oscar Inui

Inori Aizawa, the wife of Leafa Spirit defensive tackle Oscar Inui.

"I Have Three Cousins And A Wife And We're All Geeks": Oscar Inui

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
January 16, 2073

Oscar Inui is not your average defensive tackle. The 6'2", 312 lb son of Hayato Inui is a native of a small town in Queensland called Tannum Sands, but he comes from a family of computer aficionados that apparently love to swim. His wife, Inori Aizawa, is a tech-crazy celebrity but has elected to eschew show business for a bit to study computer engineering, like Oscar.

Ai and Yuu Madobe, two of Oscar Inui's cousins.

"I have three cousins: Nanami Madobe, Ai Madobe, and Yuu Madobe," said Oscar. "And I have a wife, and we're all geeks. They room with me and my wife Inori at the dorms and we're all computer-savvy. We tend to work as a team to fix computer issues, fix viruses from some of our peers and extol the virtues of Internet Explorer, Inori's favorite browser. In fact, Inori is pretty much the personification of Internet Explorer, I kid you not.

Nanami Madobe, the granddaughter of the late Mitakihara Magi women's volleyball assistant Nanami Takatsuki and the eldest cousin of Oscar Inui.

"I met Inori like many of the married mates on my team met their women: in high school. Tannum Sands State High School was the place. She was an outgoing person, and quite popular, but she turned down a lot of offers because she had the hots for me. See, if you use Japanese conventions on my name, the initials would be I. OS., a wordplay on iOS, an Apple software for iPads, iPhones and so on.

"It's an unusual chemistry. She likes Windows, I like Mac OS. Eventually, we came to appreciate both and before we entered our first year, we got married in Cairns. Inori doesn't have any plans to have kids yet, but she wants them to be girls. She might call her firstborn Vivienne Stanley Inui, or Vista, and the second girl would be named Linda Uxbridge Inui, or Linux. We just love to play with names when it comes to operating systems, it's so...radioactive."