Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Leafa Gridiron Crush Navy, Fans Flood Flynn Azuma’s Twitter

Leafa Gridiron Crush Navy, Fans Flood Flynn Azuma’s Twitter

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
September 3, 2073

Following the one-sided 143-7 rout of the Navy Midshipmen by Dan Harding’s Leafa Spirit Gridiron team which included a record 12 sacks by left end Sam Touzokuyama, fans took to twitter to attack Flynn Azuma’s account, @Travis7401SUCKSDICK, to let him know how they felt. The tweets are made anonymous to protect the anons.

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Do you still think Navy are 10 years ahead of Leafa?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Did leaving Leafa fuck up your love life?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Are you still a lying bastard!? #Judas”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK How do u feel about leaving the mighty Leafa now Judas. We’re glad u left cos ur half the HB Waka is.”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Yeah, thanks for bolting for Annapolis dickhead, spared Rinny a lot of trouble.”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Is it nice to know you won’t win a crystal football ever again?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Do you still get nightmares about Rinny’s vile singing?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Do you remember Teary Lightning ripping you a new arsehole?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Why you lying about Aoshima? Said u were a rat-faced judas prick #quote”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK You’re in Annapolis, armpit of USA, do you: A. waste away in the snow or B. quit playing gridiron?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Are we still 10 years behind Navy you judas rat-faced nip?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICKDo you regret leaving us now?”

“Dear @NavyFB fans, ur new messiah in ’74, @Travis7401SUCKSDICK, was the star in The Lyin King.”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Grass isn’t always greener, is it?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Is Rosie The Riveter a good shag?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK How much time do you have to waste and then blame the coaches when you turn out to be rubbish?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Did Rinny Amagi cry the first time u shared a dark room, a cold glass of James Boag’s and each other?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK On a scale of “very much so” to “fucking love it”, how much do you like swabbing poop decks?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Are you forward to playing in what is a below-average American Athletic side?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Do you regret screwing us over for a below-average mid-major team in FBS?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Can we have a sweepstake as to how many games you will last at @NavyFB?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK How long do you think it will take for the @NavyFB shills to realise what a disgusting lying little twat u r?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Is going stealing a living at USNA confirmation that you’ve been found out and that you couldn’t start at Leafa?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK‘What kind of man would I be if I jumped ship-literally-as soon as a better offer came sailing?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK How did you make Lachie Akai cut his hair?”

“Here here, @Travis7401SUCKSDICK is a Judas, he’ll be irrelevant after @LeafaGridiron crush @NavyFB”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICKHow does it feel to have your face made into a cardboard cutout?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK You will forever be remembered as Judas. A noble Spirit player always stay true to his country…”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Did Rosie the Riveter arrange ur flight to Washington?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Any plans for bogus visits to Capitol Hill and West Point this December Flynny?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your jealousy of Waka Wakamatsu?”


“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Are you still a nine-touchdown legend in Greenway after Spirit Day!?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Any chance you could name those ‘4 or 5 different’ schools that you turned down prior to rocking up at Navy?”

“@Travis7401SUCKSDICK Apart from being a liar and coveting Oz’s trust how many other of the 10 Commandments have you broken?”

Leafa improve to 1-0 and host the New Mexico Lobos next week.