Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Meet Ledley Aki: Tyler's Cousin Thrice Removed

Eriri Sawamura Spencer, the mother of Leafa Spirit HB Ledley Aki.

Meet Ledley Aki: Tyler's Cousin Thrice Removed

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
November 14, 2073

Ledley Kazuya Aki is the fourth-string tailback for Dan Harding's Leafa Spirit gridiron team. The son of Eriri Sawamura Spencer and Tomoya Aki, Ledley, named after the late English footballer Ledley King, is also the cousin thrice removed of wide receiver Tyler Aki and hails from the same city as Tyler in Bendigo, Victoria. Despite being cousins, Ledley considers Tyler to be his big brother and they share the same dorm room with their significant others. They are also established doujin artists on campus and do occasional commissions, although they are not allowed to offer services due to NCAA regulations.

Eriri Sawamura Spencer and Tomoya Aki, Ledley Aki's parents.

"I'm more close to Mum than Dad because Dad's a workaholic doing in-betweens and shading," said Ledley. "I like drawing a lot, and that's why I major in the fine arts. Tyler does drawings, too, but he prefers to do illustrations related to court scenes because he's a criminal justice major. Kanako's a great future big sister to me. She often tutors me and my wife, Umiko Houshou during study hall. Anyway, if I didn't meet Umiko back at Bendigo South East, my life would be boring.

Umiko Houshou, the wife of Ledley Aki.

"Actually, even if I did meet my wife Umiko at South East, I needed to join a club. So I decided to try out for the gridiron team and I ended up earning a scholarship because Coach Harding liked my athleticism and field acumen. It was only a tryout; up until then, my gridiron experience was two-hand touch and flag. Now, I get to don pads and a helmet and run past would-be tacklers like what I see in the NFL. I live the dream.

"Mum was ecstatic when I told her that I would get to play gridiron. She heard about the sport a while back when she was in high school and she's a Chargers fan. So, if I do get my chance to play in the pros, I want to play for San Diego. I like the food there, really nice lifestyle, Los Angeles is up the road, and their fight song is catchy. Really though, Mum told me, 'Do what you want and have fun, but most of all, go get that degree because you need a Plan B. I really was hoping you would take up the soccer though.'

"What does Mum know anyway; I already have my plan B: I plan to become a professional manga artist and novelist. My parents ain't seen nothin' yet. Especially Dad. Because Dad knows best."