Friday, February 13, 2015

Penn State Hammered By Leafa College In Canberra

Penn State Hammered By Leafa College In Canberra

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
September 17, 2073

Perhaps future Penn State halfback Noah Hu will be having second thoughts about leaving Leafa College. That's because Dan Harding's Leafa Spirit Gridiron team flattened the Nittany Lions, 118-35, at Yunupingu Field in Canberra, ACT. Quarterback Cooper Kanie passed for 418 yards, rushed for 451 yards and scored 11 touchdowns on offense, while cornerback Billy Ooji had four interceptions to lead the Spirit defense.

Halfback Ethan Wakamatsu ran for 176 yards and three touchdowns, halfback Jackson Tatara ran for 36 yards and two short major scores, wide receiver Connor Yasaka caught nine passes for 86 yards and two touchdowns, and wideout Mitch Kihara led the blockers with 18 pancakes. Middle linebacker Roy Hanamura led the defense in tackling with 13 tackles, including two for loss.

"We wanted to tell Noah that he won't be missed on this team and that this is how we send transferring players off: their new school gets hammered by us," said Coach Harding. "As I mentioned many times before, loyalty is tantamount to Leafa's success. You don't play for the coaches. You play for the school and your country. Our players are certainly doing that."

Leafa improve to 3-0 on the season and conclude their opening homestand next week against the Wyoming Cowboys.