Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ray Mononobe: The Established Understudy Of The Lee Brothers

Iris Freyja, the clumsy mother of Leafa Spirit Gridiron freshman strong safety Ray Mononobe.

Ray Mononobe: The Established Understudy Of The Lee Brothers

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
June 13, 2073

Leafa Spirit Gridiron first-year strong safety Rei Mononobe goes by the anglicized name of Ray by his peers and his family. The son of Yuu Mononobe and Iris Freyja, Ray was raised on the Gold Coast, in Surfers Paradise and attended the same school and played on the same team as halfback Ethan Wakamatsu: Southport State High. It was through Waka's suggestion that Ray take up gridiron. Ever since that meeting, the backup to Lee Bongdal and Lee Bokmal has sworn to study the position of strong safety and embrace its importance to an American football team's winning game plan.

"Oh yeah, I eat, sleep and drink this stuff," said Mononobe, who has the blood of dragons in him, a testament to his fiery, competitive temper. "I like winning, I like playing the game I love, and I also love winning. Yeah, I said that twice because I value success, the biggest barometer of a person's worth

"I have to thank Ethan. I talk with him every now and then about Leafa College and after I watched a game, I was hooked. So I know that my future lies with this team but I want to be able to log in a lot of minutes because I'm competing with Bok and Bong to gain time at my position. I think I will learn a lot from those two because they were amazing last season, especially Bongdal.

"I want to value the team over myself because I knew that a few players left, lots of feelings were hurt and it gave me room to make the cut. So that's what I'll do. Whatever Coach wants me to do, I'm gonna do it and I'm going to do it right. My mother, Iris, is clumsy and sometimes messes things up. Thankfully, I am able to make my own meals, do my own laundry, do errands and tasks and all that slice-of-life business. I'm very spontaneous and free-spirit and my mom loves seeing that part of me.  I like taking the initiative when it comes to tasks.

"I don't ask for the starting job. If it's offered, I'll take responsibility. My dad, Yuu, he tells me that I have to earn respect by working hard and doing things right. But I always think of my mom and what she expects of me when I head to college to study. School's important, and I'll take my time in finding a major. I won't major in General Studies, though; I'm not in any rush to turn pro...yet."