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Spirit Senior Day 2072 Salutes The Class Of 2072

Spirit Senior Day 2072 Salutes The Class Of 2072

By Graeme Wong
Spirit News
November 9, 2072

Leafa Spirit Senior Day is Leafa College's equivalent of Senior Day at universities across the National Collegiate Athletic Association that honors their seniors at their last home game in their respective sports. Since there are no seniors on this year's Leafa College Spirit Gridiron Team, this day, by LeafaCAS Initiative 3624368, will be used to honor all the student athletes from all of Leafa's athletic teams who will receive their diplomas in December or have received them over the wintertime of this calendar year. Thus, this year's Spirit Senior Day honors the student athletes of the Class of 2072.

"To be a part of something so unique as a Senior Day is nice, even though I'm not a senior," said quarterback Lachlan Akai, who is expected to start this week as the captain of the football team. "I haven't had a lot of snaps under center and when Coach told me that he will start the second team and bring in the regulars in the second half, I was grinning.

"There I was, getting excited at the prospect of finally getting my first start...and I'm the captain! Cooper's a great quarterback, but us second-teamers haven't been getting a lot of playing time and we need this experience to get our juices flowing because none of us know if the starters might get hurt or something bad might happen to one of the starters. I'm going to make sure to send the seniors on the others sports teams off the right way."

Kickoff for this match is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. AEST and will be broadcast via radio on 3TK Melbourne and 5AO Canberra. Seven Network will broadcast, for the first time, Leafa College Gridiron with wall-to-wall coverage of Spirit Senior Day 2072, including a two-hour special, Lift Your Spirit Higher, chronicling the Spirit's inaugural season in the NCAA. Former Mitakihara Magi sprint football player and former college football head coach, Stuart Kaname, will provide play-by-play with former Spirit head coach Shaun Kirigaya doing color commentary. Rina Inazuma, the fiancee of Spirit defensive end Riley Adashino and a first-year student at Leafa, will be the on-field reporter for Seven Network's coverage of Spirit Senior Day 2072.