Saturday, February 14, 2015

Steppin' Out: Leafa Spirit Roll Past Utah State

Steppin' Out: Leafa Spirit Roll Past Utah State

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
October 1, 2073

Dan Harding's Leafa Spirit Gridiron Team thrashed the Utah State Aggies, 146-16, at Romney Stadium in Logan, Utah. Coach Harding elected to send out the second team to give them ample playing time in order to prevent the freshmen from transferring. Quarterback Lachlan Akai passed for 406 yards, ran for 402 yards and scored 10 offensive touchdowns. Left end Gary Acura had a breakout performance, making 15 tackles and recording eight sacks.

Halfback Jackson Tatara ran for 324 yards and five touchdowns, wide receiver Mitch Kihara caught five apsses for 103 yards and two majors, halfback Hunter Aoshima scored two majors on the ground while catching eight passes for 65 yards, and wideout Oliver Isaki had 30 pancakes to lead the blockers while wideout Tyler Aki had 25.

Defensive tackle Archie Fuijiwara had five sacks, as did left outside linebacker Leo Tatsumi. Five other players on defense each had an interception, including backup quarterback Jack Mikoshiba, who also cameod late in the contest.

Leafa improve to 5-0 and continue their road trip next week against Air Force.