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The Mystique of the Royal Bluebell and Mount Hotham

The Mystique of the Royal Bluebell and Mount Hotham

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
November 21, 2073

Wahlenbergia gloriosa, commonly known as Royal Bluebell or Royal Bluebird, is an Australian wildflower from the Campanulaceae family. It grows in high rainfall areas in the Australian Alps, in environs ranging from shady roadside cuttings on Mount Hotham to full sun herbfields on the main range.

W. gloriosa has small dark green leaves in rosettes, to 2 cm. The flowers are a deep blue/purple colour, and are very eyecatching. The colour is not reproducible on a computer screen or normal film (being a shade of violet, rather than purple). It grows as a suckering herb. The flower is the floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory. Wahlenbergias are generally easily propagated by division or root cutting.

Mount Hotham is a mountain in the Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range, located in the Australian state of Victoria. The mountain is located approximately 357 kilometres (222 mi) north east of Melbourne, 746 kilometres (464 mi) from Sydney, and 997 kilometres (620 mi) from Adelaide by road. The nearest major road to mountain is the Great Alpine Road.

Mt Hotham's summit rises to an altitude of 1,862 metres (6,109 ft) AHD. Hotham Alpine Resort, a commercial ski resort, is located on the slopes of Mount Hotham and adjoining mountains.