Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"World, Get Ready: My Son Will Blow Your Mind!": Moroha Haimura

Shizuno Urushibara, Moroha Haimura and Satsuki Ranjou. Shizuno and Moroha are the parents of Leafa Spirit fullback Max Haimura, while Satsuki is a graduate student majoring in journalism and will be covering the Leafa Spirit gridiron team for Spirit News in 2073.

"World, Get Ready: My Son Will Blow Your Mind!": Moroha Haimura

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
June 1, 2073

Moroha Haimura, a real estate developer and brash house-flipper with two past lives that was born in Tokyo but moved to Melbourne and the suburb of Hoppers Crossing, Victoria two decades, is the father of Leafa Spirit fullback Miki "Max" Haimura, who will also be used extensively on special teams for the 2073 college football season. When asked of his son, he was over the moon and felt like he was in college all over again.

"I always wanted to make a bold declaration to my peers, my mates, everyone that I know: world, get ready, my son will blow your mind," Moroha said at an interview during tea. "He was never into footy or rugby like some of his peers. He loved gridiron, and Japan loves American football, too. Max loved the fullback position. He is a player that can block like fullback but can carry the ball and catch it like a halfback and a wide receiver. And he's got some speed, too. He can run faster than me.

"My wife, Shizuno [Urushibara], she tells me that Max is going to probably move to America to play professionally, but she wants our boy to stay here, grow up and maybe follow in my footsteps. And I could use some assistance in flipping houses because it's an emotional, uplifting, time-consuming type of process. He is still thinking about what he wants to major in, but he is leaning towards real estate management. The mystique of the landlord is just too much for him to avoid.

"I'm not going to be able to see my son play but my wife might have a chance to head to Canberra to watch him destroy Notre Dame later this year. I don't even like some of those guys; they're not even a real Catholic University anyway. In my two past lives, I never heard of the concept of Roman Catholicism, that's why I adopted the Church of Madoka Kaname as my religion. My wife Shizuno and Satsuki [Ranjou, the writer of this piece] are loyal converts too!

"We are not alone! Hope makes the humanity! Hope makes the future of humanity. And all of humanity will get to know the name of the next big thing to come out of Australia. Good luck to our son Max. Hoppers Crossing is counting on blow all of our minds!"