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Dan Harding Signs Contract Extension

Dan Harding Signs Contract Extension

By Eruna Ichinomiya
Spirit News
January 12, 2074

Leafa College Spirit Gridiron Head Coach has been given his first-ever contract extension. Coach Harding's contract will now last through the 2077 college football season, and the salary is worth $30 million AUS, making him one of the most well paid coaches in all of sport. Extensive endowments and contributions, as well as television revenue from its extensive network of broadcasters helped contribute to the contract extension.

"We are excited to announce that Coach Dan Harding will continue his career here at Leafa College," said Leafa athletic director Erika Yano. "In his two seasons building this program, we've hit massive heights and helped establish Australia's rise as a relavant power in American football. We hope that our football program will help develop the next generation of players in this country and foster this growing sport around the world."

In other news, there has been talk that offensive coordinator Allan MacInnis and defensive coordinator Archer Rampe will be moving to North America to continue their coaching careers. Developments on this story will take place later this month. A press conference is scheduled next week at Tsuboi Centre addressing the inevitable changes that could take place not only with the coaches but also with the players, as some are eligible to declare for the upcoming NFL Draft, while a few may be taking a chance at risking their standing in the Leafa community by transferring, which is allowed under NCAA rules but results in an automatic expulsion from the program.