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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: Dan Harding With Some Surprising News

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: Dan Harding With Some Surprising News

By Eruna Ichinomiya
Spirit News
January 19, 2074

A massive convoy of press members were at Tsuboi Centre on the campus of Leafa College, awaiting the arrival of Coach Dan Harding of the gridiron team. Some were worried amongst themselves that a few players dared to risk their standing in the Leafa Community and in turn, the Mitakihara Family. Others were wondering about the coaches, and were hoping that no coaching change was necessary.

Finally, after 10 minutes of chatting amongst themselves, Coach Harding arrived, wearing a school-issued polo, slacks and sweater vest. "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen," Coach Harding said. "I want to start out with the bad news regarding the changes to our program. We will be having new coordinators for the new season in August. Our outgoing offensive coordinator, Allan MacInnis, has accepted the head coaching job at Minnesota, while our outgoing defensive coordinator, Archer Rampe, will be taking over at Missouri. Both of them will be introduced as head coaches next week over in the States.

"At the same time, we are announcing that Sean Haskins, our running backs coach, has been named our new offensive coordinator, while our new defensive coordinator is our former linebackers coach, Darren Jetta. A Canadian, former Mitakihara running back Shannon Wright, is now our new running back coach, while a former linebacker for the Magi, Derek Williams, is now our new linebackers coach. A former defensive lineman for the Magi, A.J. Freeman, is also our graduate assistant for this year.

"That's the shuffling of our coaching staff. Now, for the good news. Are you ready?" They were, After a pause. "Our players are staying put." A massive roar and applause could be heard across the centre, as well as whistles and even a few press members hugging each other. "No one entered my office yesterday asking to sit down with me about their future with the team, and when I headed to Houraisan to talk with the players they all said they wanted to stay.

"I can attest this loyalty to Teary Lightning ripping me and the players for the massive letdown last January, and I excited to know that we are returning just about everyone. We just need to restock at some positions, but otherwise, we're going to have our strongest team yet. When I rotated some players and got them ample playing time, it really made them happy and they didn't want to leave. And that's the important thing: loyalty is a rule at Leafa. To leave out of selfishness is not the Leafa way, but at the same time, it's on me to ensure that I do what I can to make our players happy to be playing for the Best College Football Team In All Of College Football. And yes, I can say that because the Magi are not performing as well in FCS and that's a notch below anyway.

"So, that is the update from us, and I will take questions in the other room. Thank you everybody!" As the press followed Coach Harding, Coach Jetta and Coach Haskins into the smaller room to field questions, the future of Leafa Gridiron seemed brighter than ever, knowing that stability has finally been secured.