Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Archie Fujiwara's Words

Kotoko Ryuujou, the wife of Leafa Spirit Gridiron defencive tackle Archie Fujiwara.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Archie Fujiwara's Words

By Archie Fujiwara
Special to Spirit News
October 17, 2074

My name is Ryuichi "Archie" Fujiwara. I am a third-year defensive tackle for the Leafa College Spirit Gridiron Team. I am part of one of the most ferocious pass-rushing units in college football and have won two BCS International Championships. I was born Ryuichi Honda in a small town in Queensland called Gladstone. At the age of five, I began spending 11 years of my life with my parents in a town in Japan called Sasebo, home to one of the largest hubs of ships for the Japan Marine Self Defence Force.

At the age of seven, when I was still in grade school, I met the one person in my life that would be by my side to this very day: Kotoko Ryuujou. She was a sprightly vixen, and very playful, and her parents were well off. But when we were in junior high, she would come over to visit my and my parents and we would hang out together, pass by the docks, maybe see a big ship head to port, those types of things.

The second year of my senior high school career arrived, and there was plans for me to return to Australia and return to Gladstone to prepare for an education there. Kotoko, being ever so faithful, said that if you're going to leave, take me with you. There were some long negotiations as to how this would work out. Often it didn't get anywhere.

I went to the bargaining table and said that I would marry her when we finish high school. I told out parents, we're growing up, we're getting used to life as adults, we want to be treated as adults, and we want to be blessed with taking up the responsibilities. I loved Kotoko too much to let this moment pass me by. Soon enough, Mr. Ryuujou, who was a retired member of the Self Defence Forces, decided to give us his blessings.

Actually, the wedding went earlier than expected. We married midway through our final year of high school, and then we had to decide what college we would enroll in. I could have played rugby league, but Kotoko had other plans. You see, she envisioned me being an American football player. I was huge, she was small, she wanted to be my personal cheerleader.

There was just something about Kotoko's suggestion that lit a fuse. It was as if a massive lightbulb went off, right under my nose. Gridiron is a thing in Japan. Their national team is one of the best in the world, and the thought was, why not make Australia relevant in this sports as well. Ryuujou said, "I want you to be my trailblazer. I dream of you...winning the Super Bowl for me. I don't want this dream to die, or I will never forgive you."

As I hushed her mouth with a kiss and assured her that it was a deal, my resolve to play gridiron is strong. There are other players on our team that are good and competent, like Levi (Iori) and Oscar (Inui) and even Joshua (Kodai), but I feel that I have what it takes to make a decent living playing American football. And my wife told me to use the money for mutual funds. But I've always wanted to help construct new ships. After all, my wife in a past life was a ship, and in another one, a shipgirl.

The great sea of victory is what I want to sail on. I made a promise to Kotoko that I would be the player she always me to be. I can't break that promise. My resolve is stronger than steel. I'm ready to win another championship for Leafa Town, and we won't look back.