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Ledley's Younger Cousins: the new Spirit gunslingers?

Utaha Kasumigaoka and Megumi Katou, 
the parents of Leafa QB recruits Kaz Kasumigaoka and Shae Katou-Aki.

Ledley's Younger Cousins: the new Spirit gunslingers?

By Eruna Ichinomiya
Spirit News
July 12, 2074

As the 2074 college football season awaits Australia and the world (and of course North America), two cousins of sophomore Ledley Aki are looking to perhaps get a chance to follow their de facto big brother to the promised land in Leafa College. Their names: Kazuya "Kaz" Kasumigaoka and Shunsuke "Shae" Katou-Aki. Kaz and Shae spent 10 years of their young lives in Marseille, the South of France, and Barcelona, Spain studying music mashups and European house, techno and happy hardcore music before moving to Bendigo, Victoria, where Ledley and Tyler Aki lived. Kaz is the son of Utaha Kasumigaoka while Shae is the son of Megumi Katou. Both are also sons of Tomoya Aki.

Utaha and Megumi with Eriri Sawamura Spencer, Ledley Aki's mother.

"We decided not to follow our parents in developing games and software and doujins for a career playing music and gridiron," Shae said. "We're inspired by artists like Disclosure, Avicii, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Darude, Tiesto, the type of dance music that my mom likes to listen to as well as Kaz's mom."

"We often do mashups by request and we've done a few house parties in secondary school," said Kaz. "But we're also quite athletic. We like throwing the ball a lot. A lot. We love it reaches a receiver and he is in a race he will win. Or when I option, and I keep it myself and I elude everybody with my's an appetite for success in sports and music that is in my blood, in Shae's blood, in Led's blood and in Ty's blood."

"When Ledley told us that he was doing great over at Leafa," said Shae, "we knew we had to watch and see how the whole process goes because it's not something you see very often: a high-octane spread option with no huddle wearing down an opponent like a tank overrunning a poorly-prepared army of peasants. It's fascinating. It's kind of similar to the offence we play here in Bendigo. It's common to see a lot of athletic talent across the country because a lot of schools these days are investing in American football."

"We want to commit to Leafa but we also need to weigh our other options, so we're not gonna rush," Kaz said. "Kaz and I are in our final year of secondary school, and we're sharing time under center. We form all the depth all the team needs at the position. We know the playbook, the sequence, all that stuff. Our heart wants us to follow Led and join him up the road, but other schools want us and we're just going to enjoy our final year and make our moms proud because they deserve it after we experienced a decade of everything in Europe."