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Loyalty to wives important to Leafa gridiron juniors

Yui Mikoze, Mirai Nazukari, Yukari Kohinata and Nanako Usami, wives of Lincoln Yama, Daniel Tachibana, Archer Hiiro and Nathan Manatsu.

Loyalty to wives important to Leafa gridiron juniors

By Eruna Ichinomiya
Spirit News
October 18, 2074

Yui Mikoze, Mirai Nazukari, Yukari Kohinata and Nanako Usami are the wives of Leafa Spirit cornerback Lincoln Yama, cornerback Daniel Tachibana, halfback Archer Hiiro and tight end Nathan Manatsu. According to the four guys, loyalty to these former local idols is an important thing, as the four girls plan to seek a future working in Australia.

"I met Yui at a coffee bar in my first year at the college," said Yama. "She told me that she enrolled at Leafa because she couldn't find a decent college in Japan to study. I ended up tutoring her and she ended up dorming with me. I introduced her to the world of gridiron and she enjoyed watching me play. Since then, we've been together and we're married."

"Mirai told me that life as a college student was different than being a member of Nagarekawa Girls," said Tachibana. "But she enjoys being a part of the college culture here. She is studying drama and looking to overcome her introversion. Since I'm a very outspoken person, I think I will have a fun time fixing that. She's a third-year now, so she's making a lot of progress."

"Sure, loyalty has to be an important thing for all of us," said Hiiro. "Yukari comes from a well-off family who has a business stake here in Australia, that's why she's here. She told me that when we graduate, she'll help us start a family. I need to be nice to my wife, because my parents are encouraging me to be independent. I can do a lot of things myself, but I wouldn't mind having some support in terms of starting a family."

"I love Nanako, she does a lot of things for me and is very professional with what she does," said Manatsu. "She plans on being a singer-songwriter as well as a teacher after spending some time as a Locodol. But she told me that she doesn't want to be an idol forever. She wants a normal life, and she wants me to help her if I decided to become a professional gridiron player. America may be calling for us."