Monday, March 16, 2015

Of Dragons And Hishimochi: How Harrison Kazama Met His Wife Shizuno

Shizuno Kazama, the wife of Leafa Spirit offensive tackle Harrison Kazama.

Of Dragons And Hishimochi: How Harrison Kazama Met His Wife Shizuno

By Eruna Ichinomiya
Spirit News
November 7, 2074

If there is one thing that bonds Leafa Spirit offensive tackle Harrison Kazama to his wife, the former Shizuno Souryuu, it's a love for dragons. The mystique of the benevolent yet fiery creature has resulted in their dorm room filled with stuffed plush dragons, many in Shizuno's preferred colour of green. But that's not the only thing that these two share in common, aside from being married.

"We love hishimochi," said Kazama. "It's this unique Japanese sweet associated with Hinamatsuri, which is Girls Day in Japan and is well known here in Leafa Town. It's said to also have some unique restorative health benefits that elevate your mind and body and take you higher. Like manna.

"But anyway, I met Shizu when I was younger, maybe about when I was 10, on the Big Island of Hawai'i during Schoolies Week. I met this cute girl with short black twintails and cool blue eyes. I said to her, 'what's your name?' and she said 'I'm Shizu.' Good think I knew conversational Japanese by this point. So we talked on the beach, and as I got to know her, we visited the Byodo-In Temple in O'ahu.

"As we visited what was actually a half-size replica of the temple, I took her hand and I said to her, 'Shizu, I promise you, we will see each other again and when we do, I want us to be together forever. I'll do anything you want to give you the happiness you deserve.' And after that, I kissed her lips so that she knew that it was a promise.

"Years later, as I graduated from my secondary college in Wentworth, I met a similar-looking girl in a sundress and jacket. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Shizu, and she followed me here and she told me, 'I'm going to the same school as you are. Let's be together and fulfill that promise you told me.' One week later, we flew back ot Hawaii and got married. She's studying oceanography by the way, since she also loves the ocean as well as dragons.

"Being a husband is tough. You have to pay the bills, you have to cook meals, you have to make the wife happy, you have to do the type of things that adults do in a civilized society. But there is always a time to drown ourselves into our love for dragons. We love dragons and hishimochi so much, it's comfort toys and food for us. It's such a powerful motivator. And I'm going to make sure Shizuno and I do our best to make our marriage an awesome one."