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Records Fall Down At Leafa College

Records Fall Down At Leafa College

By Satsuki Ranjou
Spirit News
January 11, 2074

As the Leafa College Spirit Gridiron Team returned to a hero's welcome at Canberra Airport in Canberra, ACT, a number of records fell along the way. Coach Dan Harding is now 28-0 this season and may see some turnover among his staff, as well as his players. The Spirit defeated the Stanford Cardinal, 118-23, in the 2074 BCS International Championship Game in Pasadena, Calif.

"This season is not possible without your entire support," said Coach Harding on the steps of Parliament Hill at the victory rally, attended by about 50,000 people. "We made this happen, and now we are back-to-back champions of the gridiron. No university or college in Australia has done what we have done, and we're going to do it all over again next year! Thank you everybody!"

Cooper Kanie
Individual Career - Rushing TD 155
Individual Career - Rushing Yds 9110
School Career - Passing TD (Career) 65
School Career - Rushing TD (Career) 155
School Career -- Rushing Yds (Career) 9110 Yds

Sam Touzokuyama
Individual Career - Sacks 65
School Career - Sacks (Career) 65

Billy Ooji
School Career - Interceptions (Career) 25