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The Aki Cousins Are Reunited For Next Season

The Aki Cousins Are Reunited For Next Season

By Eruna Ichinomiya
Spirit News
October 1, 2074

Bendigo Senior Secondary College quarterbacks Kaz Kasumigaoka and Shae Katou-Aki will play for the Leafa College Spirit gridiron team in 2075. Kasumigaoka—the son of Utaha Kasumigaoka—and Katou-Aki—the son of Megumi Katou—join their cousin, current sophomore halfback Ledley Aki—the son of Eriri Sawamura Spencer. All three are sons of Tomoya Aki, meaning that the entire Aki family—at least in terms of the sons, will be playing for the Spirit. Kasumigaoka committed following a visit in Week 4 (a bye week), while Katou-Aki committed following the Homecoming 2074 game against UCLA. They also join their older cousin a number of times removed, wide receiver Tyler Aki, pending his decision to leave school early for the NFL Draft next April.

"It's a big weight lifted off our shoulders," said Shae after practice at Bendigo Secondary. "Kaz and I wanted to get this over with but I needed more time to think it over. I finally got my wish: to play alongside our cousin Ledley. Actually, he's our older stepbrother, but we prefer the more gentle-sounding cousin. We're all stepbrothers though, since we have the same father. Our true cousin is Tyler."

Utaha Kasumigaoka, the mother of Kaz Kasumigaoka.

"I knew my son was going to be a Spirit player," said Utaha. "I heard a lot of great things about the college and its music program and my son really like to do sound engineering, along with Megumi's son. I told Rinri (Utaha's neckname for Tomoya Aki) after I...came to terms with the news, 'Our boys are going to play with the best.' And it was the best sex ever. I'm so proud of them, especially Kaz. He's gonna do a great job."

Megumi Katou, the mother of Shae Katou-Aki.

"I didn't think my son was going to be a legend at Leafa but when he said he was going to visit Canberra on Homecoming, he wasn't lying," said Megumi. "Everything was all-expenses paid and he received the five-star treatment within NCAA limitations. He loved the atmosphere, loved the environment, even through it was raining on game day, but the vibes he had about Leafa were strong enough that he told me that he would commit. So my son will be competing with Utaha's son for the starting role. I hope they share the job and no one gets picked over the other."

"When I told Uta-Mama and Megu-Mama and even Eri-Mama the news," said Shae, "they were all in the same room sharing sweet talk with one another and they all came at once. They were orgasming with pride and they're all MILFs. We have some really hot-looking moms out there, and when Dad came into the room (I was at my own personal study, by the way), it was a nice adult orgy. I don't need to go into much detail after that.

"We're so excited to finally fill in the shoes of the quarterbacks that are currently there but who will graduate. We are thrilled to be a part of the Spirit gridiron team. We can't wait to return to Canberra and continue the legacy that those who came before us delivered. We'll bring you more championships, Australia. Leave it to us, the Akis."