Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Two Leafa Cheergirls Loyal Wives To Spirit Gridiron Kings

Sayaka Amemiya, the wife of Leafa Spirit WR Kai Emiya, donning the main Leafa Cheergirls outfit.

Two Leafa Cheergirls Loyal Wives To Spirit Gridiron Kings

By Eruna Ichinomiya
Spirit News
October 16, 2074

Two of the leaders of the Leafa Spirit Cheergirls are wives of a couple of receivers of the Leafa Spirit Gridiron team. Cheer captain Sayaka Amemiya is a third-year kinesiology major and the wife of Spirit wide receiver Kai Emiya, while vice captain Rin Shirosaki is the wife of tight end Tom Arashi. Neither Sayaka nor Rin are avid followers of MMORPGs, opting to follow real sports like gridiron, AFL, rugby league, union and of course, cheerleading.

Amemiya plays to operate a yoga studio in the city alongside Emiya, who is a dual major in kinesiology and engineering, while Shirosaki plans to follow her husband to the pros in the States and join their cheer squad for a decade before working as a schoolteacher and physical education instructor. Of course, she could also work a similar living in Australia should Arashi change course.

"I was successful in incorporating yoga and intense stretching execises for the boys and my husband, who advocated it," said Amemiya. "Even the big offensive linemen are flexible giants. They've dropped a lot of pounds in fat. All of that is extra lean muscle, brought on by years of eating lean protein, less carbs and hours of lifting iron.

"Kai and I love to run and it works up our drive. I don't want to have children yet because it would take me away from my profession for a year. However, that doesn't stop us from making love the way we like to do it. I think contraceptives are a wonderful thing, but there is a point where I want us to have kids that grow up to be big and strong and savvy just like us.

"I like my husband. I'm a cheerleader, he's a gridiron football player. We're a nice combo."

Rin Shirosaki with the Leafa Cheergirl uniform used during road matches.

"We're not just restricted to gridiron games," said Shirosaki. "We also do basketball and volleyball games, as well as a lot of PR events advertising our teams. Tom's really active in getting the word out about our Cheergirls and about sports on campus. We've had full houses and we put on a good show.

"I'm like Tom: very accountable, independent, spontaneous, and I take some of the work off Tom if he's busy with school or the big game. I even help do pregame meals for the boys at the Co-op, where they all gather if the game is here in Leafa Town (the nickname for the campus proper). Tom says I'm good in bed, and I tend to confide a lot of trust and secrets with him. He knows what I like and don't like ever since we met in our first year.

"I'm planning to have children down the road and take a new challenge in being a mother. I think I'm ready, Tom thinks he's ready to be a proud father, and the sky's the limit for both of us. We're on our way."