Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"We're doing all this for Grandma": Lee Bongdal

Huang Lingyin, the grandmother of Lee Bongdal and Lee Bokmal.

"We're doing all this for Grandma": Lee Bongdal

By Eruna Ichinomiya
Spirit News
October 3, 2074

Strong safety Lee Bongdal is the older of two brothers, the other brother being Lee Bokmal. Both Bongdal and Bokmal, born in Seoul, are the sons of former Mitakihara Magi defencive great Lee Ma Ling (or Ma Ling Lee) and Haruka Niimi, and in turn, they are the grandsons of former Magi special teams player Lee Seongnam and Huang Lingyin. Seongnam and Lingyin passed away three months apart this year—Seongnam passed away in March and Lingyin died in June—and after the two twins buried them in Hong Kong, they elected to be a bit retrospective.

"Our grandparents were very great people in their day," said Bongdal. "But we're really doing all thing for Grandma because when were at her deathbed in Vancouver, she told us, 'You now have my spirit. I want you to make me proud, and I will always be watching over you.' Bokmal was in tears because he didn't want to see Grandma go like this, but when we went to Hong Kong Cemetery to bury our grandparents late in June, we stared at the grave and prayed. Grandpa was buried there already.

"I couldn't shed a tear, but as I looked up, I noticed that tears of joy were falling out of my eyes as we embraced her spirit. After along spiritual conversation with Grandma Ling, we left for Australia with smiles on our face. We knew what we had to do, and we promised Grandma...we won't let her down. We love her too much to do that, and we know we'll see her again one day.

"It was emotional time for us and our parents Ma Ling and Haruka," Bokmal added. "But we decided that we're going to make our grandparents and our parents proud when we play gridiron. Grandma Ling's spirit is in us. She was greatness when she ran her IS units. Now that she is watching over us, we're going to enjoy our time being young hard hitters showing the passion we love playing our sport.

"We don't have any regrets anymore. We are ready to win another championship for Leafa. If either of us decided to leave early, it's fine. If we decided to stay for our fourth year, we'll do that too. But whatever we do, we're gonna do this for Grandma Ling. She expects greatness from us, no matter where she is."