Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shae Katou-Aki: Destiny's Man Of The Year?

Shae Katou-Aki: Destiny's Man Of The Year?

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
January 24, 2075

American football is just one passion that quarterback Shae Katou-Aki possesses. He settled on becoming a computer science major after weighing the entire catalogue of programmes offered at Leafa College. Along with Kaz Kazumigaoka, they do occasional testing of Blessing Software's visual novels, which have been wildly successful in Japan, and in which some proceeds have been divested to Shae and Kaz, competing quarterbacks for the starter role next August.

Some say that Shae, the son of Megumi Katou, is considered to be "Destiny's Man Of The Year;" in other words, an athlete that could potentially outshine his predecessors, including Cooper Kanie and Lachie Akai. No question, Shae Katou-Aki loves to lift and has recently embraced the virtues of a low-carb diet. At the weight room at Houraisan Centre (Katou-Aki and Kasumigaoka are already enrolled), Katou-Aki can be seen lifting dumbells of 50 kg, bench-pressing 180 kg and squatting 200 kg with spotters. Not to be outdone, he cools down with bikram yoga and homemade frozen bars made with greek yogurt, strawberries and dried cherry blossom petals imported from up north in Japan.

Tomoya Aki, the father of Shae Katou-Aki, Kaz Kasumigaoka and Ledley Aki.

"Eat hard, work hard, play hard, and study hard: that is what dad told me to do when I got here," said Shae in an interview with The Spirit News (recently renamed newspaper for Leafa College). "No fuss, no shenanigans, just work, live and learn. I've got a ton of respect for this college because you grow up and mature faster in an environment that encourages personal development and growth.

"I'm not gonna let anybody hold my hand because when my dad married my mom and mom gave birth to me, they wanted me to be able to be independent at a young age. I learned to do my own chores, cook my own meals, finish my homework and my parents became just advisors. Kaz is the same thing and he is a natural competitor and got that from Aunt Utaha. She told me that Kaz has the heart of the lion but the tendencies of a tsundere onna no ko. So he could be a maneater in a man's body, but I just consider him to be my bro and brother in arms.

"Me and Kaz wanted to play quarterback so bad. We didn't care about AFL or rugby, although supporting GWS was nice. Gridiron was the world we embraced. Sometimes we thought, maybe we can develop a visual novel with an American football season theme. So Dad tells me, 'how about you gain some inspiration by going to Leafa. You might have this visual novel idea: having the protagonist play an entire career in college playing gridiron while having his own harem chasing him. If he does well playing the game, you're gonna have a good end. Losing season: bad end.

"And then Dad tells me, 'And the protagonist, the male lead, is considered to be the Man of the Year frontrunner because of his potential, the hype, the gift, the skills, the man skills...just go crazy and crush all the other lesser teams in America because what do they really know about the game? The creatures...' That,, essentially, was Dad's pro-tips before I enrolled here.

"Aside from getting ideas for a future visual novel with a gridiron theme, Leafa is a really good research college and they are passionate about their athletic sides. I developed the song 'Leafa Boys Are Still Number One!' after watching a number of Melbourne Victory games. I was surprised that the community adopted this song and chant. I made a mark without playing a down. Perhaps all the talk about me being 'Destiny's Man Of The Year' isn't far off, but I don't let those things get to my head. I have championships to defend, and I want a ring too. And Kaz as well. When I am on the field, destiny will dictate that Leafa Boys Are Still Number One."