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Vic Tsuchimikado A Proud Father And Role Model

Hanako Kisaragi, Vic Tsuchimikado's wife.

Vic Tsuchimikado A Proud Father And Role Model

By Eruna Ichinomiya
Spirit News
December 14, 2074

As summer heads into full swing in Australia, Vic Tsuchimikado keeps watch over his two kids, Anna and Vic Jr., and his loyal wife Hanako Kisaragi. He budgets his time wisely, being a player and a student and a husband. Taking good care of Hanako is a high priority for Vic, according to the star third-year cornerback.

"Hanako and I share a lot of initimate time together because she allows me to calm down and relax when things get difficult," Vic said. "She never loses her temper, always judges both sides to every argument and sympathizes with me on a number of issues that I have a strong argument for. I could never get mad at her because it just would not be worth it.

"And Hanako is a really good mom. She takes the kids to games, sends them to the local daycare to be watched over by the staff, shows Anna and Junior some of the material we study so that they are familiar with what they look like, and they're starting to appreciate the game of gridiron and picking it up quick. They don't waste time watching AFL, league or union. They are all about watching gridiron movies from America, with the cheerleaders and the underdog stories.

"I do think Junior's gonna grow up to be a good cornerback, maybe a compelling receiver. As for Anna, she's just like Hanako: she's got the hair, the eyes, the smile, the calming demeanor. But she also has my sass, my swag, my determination. Anna's been toying around with a volleyball, so maybe she will play a libero one day. If so, I want her hair to be long just like her mom.

"I asked Hanako whether I should leave for the draft. She told me, 'do what you want, I will support whatever decision you choose, because you gave me a reason to keep living. You are the reason I am here today. I will take care of our children if you should go to America. But whatever you do, don't you ever forget about me." And I said, "I know, and I promised to keep you in mind. It's a love thing."