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A Chat With Nao Tomori Over Leafa College's Progression

A Chat With Nao Tomori Over Leafa College's Progression

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
October 28, 2076

Carol Craftman of the Spirit News, Leafa College's independently-run student newspaper, spoke with Leafa College Provost Nao Tomori about the progress the college has made over the past few years with the success of its academics and its athletic programs.

"I think the humanities aspect of learning at this college gives our men and women an understanding of the world around them and the insight that is valuable to the leaders of the free world that I have met for the past few years prior to taking up this position back in January," said Tomori. "Most of the world's leaders today come from humanities backgrounds. Thinking, judgment, adaptability...these are the facets to a Leafa education that have helped mold many great people that have walked our hallowed grounds.

"When it comes to the financial sector, I like to start off with something simple. Look arond the campus. Here in Leafa Town, there is something that can interest you, can stimulate your curiosity and can help build the foundation of knowledge that leads to untold success and potential. This is something that my predecessor, Kyouko Sonan advocated: the power of exploration.

"Stand up for what you believe in. In this country, you are not kept in check for what you can or can't say. As students, you have a voice, you are in power, use it to change the world. Our motto is  'Lift Your Spirit Higher.' Elevate your leverage and challenge the establishment to improve itself for the good of those around you and the world. We are a teaching and research college, a part of the Mitakihara University System, one of the most well-known systems in the world.

"One thing I don't like is manipulating the endowment for political purposes, because we are a nonprofit university system. I don't believe this college should be used to give ammunition to people who rely on tax endowments to boost government coffers. We have our own path, and our standards, and our student body is aware that there are limits to what we can do based on our bylaws ratified in 2045.

"Sexual violence is a cause for concern at Leafa. The tendencies of grown men to take advantage of young women at Leafa College is something that must be held in check. Through awareness, we can prevent sexual violence and harassment while supporting the victims. On the topic of diversity, it's not the be-all, end-all. We need to be inclusive and through inclusivity, we will progress and transform ourselves as a respected institution in Australia.

"So, to all students in high school who are looking for a place to continue their journey, don't underestimate yourself. Reach out for  the stars. Reach out for Leafa. We will be your path to great things. At Leafa College, we will lift your spirit higher."