Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Always Room For A Plan B: Touma Yukihira's Work-Life Balance

Erina Nakiri, Souma Yukihira and Megumi Tadokoro, the surrogate aunt, 
father and mother of Leafa Spirit WR and catering heir Touma Yukihira, respectively.

Always Room For A Plan B: Touma Yukihira's Work-Life Balance

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
August 5, 2076

One of many walk-ons that will get to wear the jumper of the Leafa Spirit Gridiron in Season 2076 is first-year wide receiver Thomas Touma Yukihira. His father, Souma, is the president and CEO of The Big Group, the largest privately-owned catering company in Australia and a trusted name at Leafa College for its quality work. Touma has plans to follow in his father's footsteps, along with childhood friend, fellow walk-on wide receiver and fellow hotel/restaurant major Maynard Nakiri-Wiles, the great-grandson of Scottish DJ icon Adam Wiles, a.k.a. Calvin Harris. In fact, upon graduation, the plan is for both Touma and Maynard to immediately join the front office team of the Big Group, who are based out their home town of Melbourne.

However, as both after playing gridiron football, a decade plus of playing in the NFL may be in the offing if Leafa College roll for the next few years, which many local bookmakers are betting on it happening. The two brothers-in-arms are considering farming mutual funds with the signing bonuses back home. And they are aware of the pitfalls that overconfident players inhibit as professionals.

"We keep out feet on the ground, you won't see us go into overkill with bad business deals because my dad learned his lessons very well," said Touma from his dorm room on campus. "Maynard and I have been busy developing new ways to present food while at the same time studying how to manage restaurants, catering teams, and even businesses in general.

Adam Wiles, a.k.a. Calvin Harris, the great-grandfather of Leafa Spirit WR Maynard Nakiri-Wiles.

"Maynard and I are majoring in hotel/restaurant management and also in business administration. The academic work, to us, is grueling, it's demanding, but it's what my old man used to do before he moved to Australia with my mom Megumi [Tadokoro] and my surrogate aunt Erina [Nakiri] with Maynard. The rigors of academics is what we thrive on. We like pressure, we like taking risks, so long as we don't suffer too much collateral on the way.

"We could have shied away from joining the team. But according to Maynard, in a dream, his great-grandfather, the late Calvin Harris, he told him, 'Play a sport. You need some exercise to keep your mind off the worries of the world for a while and apply it metaphorically to the battles you will have outside sport.' He then told me the following morning, 'Let's try out for the griddies!'

"So there were needs at wide receiver. And we decided to be trialists for that position. As it turned out, we caught more passes than any of the competition, ran the most yards, and were the only ones not to drop a pass. So what happened the following week? Well, we were told by Coach Harding that we made the team and we'd be on scholarship.

"I told my Mum and Dad that I had made the team, but Dad told me, 'Make sure to multitask and prioritize. Good that you are playing American football, but many new NFL players only last four or five years because of injuries. You need to have a Plan B, and B, in this case, stands for Big Group. Got it?' I said, "Sure thing, Dad.' And that's how it all started for us. We're looking forward to late August, but our eyes are on the prize. There's no stopping us right now. We feel so close to it right now."