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Andrew's younger stepbrother Charles will join Leafa in 2077

 Anko Isuna, the mother of Charles Mitsuka.

Andrew's younger brother Charles will join Leafa in 2077

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
September 22, 2076

Leafa Spirit Gridiron fullback Andrew Mitsuka, the offencive captain for Season 2076, has a younger stepbrother by the name of Charles Brownlow Seiji Mitsuka, named after the AFL's Brownlow Medal. He is the son of Souji Mitsuka, the father of Andrew, and Anko Isuna, the world-famous Tail Black and a famous writer/composer. Charles is nicknamed "Charlie from Lara" like Andrew is named "Andy from Lara." If he was a woman, he'd go by the name of Tail White and his female name would be Suzuya.

Last weekend, during an official visit, Charles was given the red-carpet treatment and after the Leafa College Spirit smashed Air Force on Homecoming, he declared that he would succeed his big brother at the fullback position, ensuring that the Mitsuka family bloodline would go on for a few more years.

"I had no doubts they were looking for a fullback to take over for my brother and I decided that I wanted to check out the campus," said Charlie from his home in Lara. "It turned out to be a great fit and I decided to commit to the programme. I expect to get plenty of playing time since this position isn't exactly as prized as others.

Anko with Souji Mitsuka, the father of Charles and Andrew Mitsuka.

"Mum's an ambitious person and is a go-getter. I inherited that type of thinking from him and Dad. She showed me her pictures of her posing in her mecha outfit and I thought, I'm so glad my mom looked cool when she was younger, I need to be as popular as her.  I idolize my big brother because he was the first in our family to play gridiron. Now I get to follow him and be the next Mitsuka to play for the Leafa Boys."

"Chaz is a kid that I have had the honor of raising ever since I gave birth to him," said Anko. "He's got the sprightly frame of my husband and my resourceful savvy. I thought he was going to stay away from sports, though, until I found out that Andy was playing gridiron and Chaz was watching his practices from the terraces.

"I didn't think I wanted to stop him after that. I think the trail he chose to follow is the right one and I hope he makes a fortune playing the position of fullback but at the same time, a Plan B wouldn't hurt. But in any case, he needs to make sure not to ruin the glasses I bought for him before he set foot in the capital!"