Sunday, August 30, 2015

Angelo Amon: The Next Great Narrator

Koutarou Amon and Akira Mado, the great-grandparents of Angelo Amon (on his father's side).
Angelo Amon: The Next Great Narrator

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
October 29, 2076

Standing at a tall 5'11" and 184 lbs, strong safety Angelo Amon is the great-grandson of Koutarou Amon and Akira Mado on his father's side and grandson of Ichigo Moesaki on his mother's side. Outside of the game of gridiron, Amon's passion is voice narration, and at the age of 15, Amon was seen as someone with a natural talent for voice acting. When he isn't picking off passes or hitting players or studying, Amon is seen working shifts at Fremantle Recording Studios recording voice clips for different companies across the state of Western Australia and the country.

Ichigo Moesaki, the grandmother of Angelo Amon (on his mother's side).

"I like narration," said Amon from his home in Fremantle. "When I lend my voice to ads, I give my personality, my thoughts, my perspective on a brand, on a product, on a service. Narrating allows me to have a better understanding of the world I work and live in and it helps me become more responsible as an end-user of the products I use and the services I rely on.

"On the field, I like to play strong safety because I am essentially the last line of defense. If a quarterback wants to throw a long pass deep, it need to get past me first before it can make a long play work. I keep my wits about me to ensure that I get to the pass first ahead of the wide receiver because so many good quarterbacks have strong passing games every week in gridiron."

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