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Hiiro snubs Heisman Trophy after Katou-Aki finishes second

Hiiro snubs Heisman Trophy after Katou-Aki finishes second

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
December 22, 2075

At the 2075 Heisman Trophy Ceremony, broadcasted by ESPN, it was announced by the head of the Downtown Athletic Club that Leafa College halfback Archer Hiiro was named the winner of college football's most prestigious award. This would go down as one of the most controversial decisions made by the American press who are eligible to vote as part of the process. Hiiro did record 1711 yards rushing and 31 touchdowns to go with 242 yards receiving and five scores. However, he is the second-string halfback for Dan Harding's Spirit and his counterpart, halfback Jackson Tatara, posted superior stats and would have been more worthy of winning a second-straight Heisman.

However, as Hiiro reached the podium, he elected to point out a grave error in judgment of the press in what was a short, terse and surprisingly bitter speech.

"I am here to announce that I am refusing to accept this Heisman Trophy, who results have been deliberately manipulated by the highly unqualified press journalist of the United States of America. My quarterback, Shae Katou-Aki, has broken a passing record set by his predecessor, Cooper Kanie. Furthermore, he has been dominant in his offensive production and justifiably deserved the Maxwell, Walter Camp and Davey O'Brien Awards. Also, his deputy, Jackson Tatara, posted far better statistics this season that me and should have been considered for a second straight trophy.

"I believe I had only done good enough to finish as a second runner-up to this trophy. The legitimacy and credibility of college football's so-called most prestigious prize must be called into question if the people who vote for the best players in the sport collude to deliberately prevent the best player in college football from winning this trophy. It is an absolute shame that Shae should be passed over for me. I refuse to accept this award, and that is all. Good night."

Shae also said in an interview, "I will not return to another Heisman Trophy ceremony unless the Downtown Athletic Club pays me to return to New York City next year. The organization owes me $673 US, one dollar for every vote I lost by. This was a compromised vote, the integrity of America's sports journalists [sic] have taken a massive hit, and I will be content in preparing for a postseason game back in Canberra.

"You Yanks making the calls are gonna have to cop this snub. We did nothing wrong."

This wasn't the only controversial decision. The Outland Trophy was scandalously awarded by the Football Writers Association of America to Leafa right tackle Harrison Kazama, who only recorded four pancake blocks in limited playing time. A massive surge of angry emails and death threats reached the FWAA web site as a result of the decision.

Leafa College face the West Virginia Mountaineers in the 2076 BCS Championship Game at the Louisiana SuperDome in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. All of Leafa's allotments have been sold out. The match will be broadcast by 5AO, the 5AO Leafa Sports Radio Network, One and One World Sports globally. In America, the game will be televised by ESPN.