Friday, August 21, 2015

Hold Back The River! School-Live Crew Is Here!

Megumi Sakura and James Bay, the grandaunt and great-grandfather (on his mother's and father's sidesrespectively) of Carson Wezley-Bay.

Hold Back The River! School-Live Crew Is Here!

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
November 19, 2075

Fueled by the memory of their grandaunts, five more recruits from Launceston, Tasmania join forces to sign with Dan Harding's Leafa College Spirit Gridiron Team. They are known as the "School-Live Crew" (a parody of rap moguls of yesteryear 2 Live Crew). Middle linebacker Carson Wezley-Bay is a grandson of Rio Wezley, a great-grandson of legendary singer James Bay and grandnephew of Megumi Sakura (a distant cousin of Kyouko Sakura). Outside linebacker Austin Scrya-Waugaman is a grandson of Yuuno Scrya, a great-grandson of Walk The Moon drummer Sean Waugaman and grandnephew of Miki Naoki.

Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Miki Naoki, Yuki Takeya and Yuuri Wakasa, the grandaunts of Jason Petricca, Austin Scrya-Waugaman, Del Chevelle Maiman and Amir Timir-Ray.

Wide receiver Jason Jeremiah Petricca is a grandson of Sieglinde Jeremiah, a great-grandson of Walk The Moon singer Nicholas Petricca and grandnephew of Kurumi Ebisuzawa. Outside linebacker "The Emir" Amir Timir-Ray is a grandson of Corona Timir, a great-grandson of Walk The Moon bassist Kevin Ray and a grandnephew of Yuuri Wakasa. And halfback Del Chevelle Maiman is a great-grandson of Walk The Moon guitarist Eli Maiman, a grandson of Michaiah Chevelle and a grandnephew of Yuki Takeya. When asked of their opportunity to make the new alma mater proud, they were grinning at the nines.

"Are you kidding me, mate? This is the best feeling ever!" exclaimed Petricca. "All those days of hard work laboring on the pitch in the name of a sport that's still finding its footing after a long I get a chance to finally make a name for myself and for my mates on the School-Live Crew. We live to keep the memory of our beloved grandaunts alive. I kept my grandaunt Kurumi's shovel with me as a memento to remember her, and I always keep it in good condition  so that I can pass it on to my kids as a family treasure. I'm glad to be a part of this team."

"It's been a long time coming, but Australia has a proper gridiron team that plays the sport better than the Yanks," said Wezley-Bay. "Mitakihara was the pacesetter and made gridiron a thing over in Canada. But now we've taken over and I think we're doing it better than the Canadians. Sorry Canada, but Australia are the kings of the gridiron and they will be for years to come cause we're all part of it."

"God bless the day I signed with Leafa Town," said Scrya-Waugaman. "God bless it so much. I like the band, the music, the people was a magical visit to the nation's capital and now I get a chance to prove myself to everyone that I belong on a special team of stars. We're the best Oz has to offer, why not show 'em that we live for this sport?"

"Over the moon to finally sign with the Spirit but I now know that I have little time to celebrate, along with the others," said Timir-Ray. "Once we signed, most of the heavy lifting was done and now we begin the transition process towards becoming uni boys. We got a long winter of training and we hope it does wonders for our form."

"What more do you want me to say, this is really great that we get a chance to play with teams like Michigan and Ohio State and Alabama, schools that know the game of gridiron as well as anyone in America," said Chevelle Maiman. "But we know a thing or two about gridiron ourselves, that's why we're the defending BCS Champions. Hopefully we can keep the ball rolling for the rest of this season on to the next. We'll be watching with anticipation."