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"I almost became a soccer player": -Marcos Minato Stratos

Subaru and Marcos Minato Stratos.

"I almost became a soccer player": -Marcos Minato Stratos

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
November 18, 2075

Ferdinand Marcos Minato Stratos Anastasiadis (better known as Marcos Minato Stratos or simply Minato for short), the great-great-grandson of South Melbourne legend Dean Anastasiadis and the grandson of Einhart Stratos, is a cluctch kicker with a strong cannon of a leg and dead-on accuracy to go with it. Recruited midway through the year, Minato committed to the Leafa College Spirit to succeed Archie Matou at the position and will assume his duties at the start of camp. Minato is fluent in Japanese, English, Korean, Tagalog and Greek, a bona fide polyglot that prefers to talk in either English or Japanese.

"Now I almost decided to enter the South Melbourne Hellas Youth," said Minato at a candid interview with his wife Subaru, who he married today at an informal ceremony. "But then the phone called a few weeks ago and it was Coach Harding. He said, 'You want to come visit us? We need a new kicker, and you'll get a full on scholarship if you give it a go.' So I visited with my then fiancee, now wife, and she said, 'This is our destiny, we have to be here!'

(clockwise, from top left), Isabel Itsuki Tateno, Natasha Nanako Fujita, Carolina Hikaru Makino and Olivia Aoi Ouhashi, the fiancees of Jarryd Kaizuka, Gilles Troyard, Steele Craftman and Rhys Miyazawa. All will marry on Australia Day 2076.

"So, for her and for me, we're gonna be enrolled next season. We're gonna be astronomy majors and hope to get a job working for NASA or in any observatory under a fellowship. Once I committed, I told the coach at South [Greg Tsiokas], 'Sorry, but I am going to play gridiron in Canberra.' He said, 'Well, we're sad to see you go, but good luck.' The rest, as they say, is history.

"When I first met Subaru back in Japan, before we moved to Launceston, Australia after the fragments ordeal, she asked me about how to have sex. I told her, 'You don't know?' She said, 'It's my first time, please be gentle.' Knowing that I am a gentleman of character, I slowly eased her in, saying, 'Right. Follow my lead, and I'll take you higher than the heavens.' As I took off her clothes, she subconsciously grabbed hold of my long...and then it exploded into her face and she got a mouthful of it, swallowing it up.

"I was shocked. Subaru had turned into a lady, and her eyes were empty. I asked, 'How was it?' Enraptured, she said, 'I can't help myself, I...I want more.' Later, when we moved to Australia, we got more and more intimate, and then it reached a point where Subaru said, 'Minato, I want to become a real lady and have kids! Let's do it!' I was self-sufficient myself, even though I was living with my Greek relatives and she was moving in with me. She's now expecting kids and is due to give birth on what I believe is Australia Day, somewhere along those lines.

"All in all, I can't wait to finally get on the plane to Canberra and return to the campus where I had a visit a few days ago. I want to make all my parents proud, my grandmother Einhart and even Old Man Dean for a change, even though he's looking down on me from the skies. Next year, I plan to be a star myself and shine on special teams. At Leafa, everyone's a star and all the stars shine as one unit. It's time for my new core of mates to light up the sky in Canberra."