Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"I Must Take Care Of Isla": Mikasa Mizugaki

Isla Mizugaki, the younger sister of Mikasa Mizugaki and reincarnation of the Giftia named Isla.

"I Must Take Care Of Isla": Mikasa Mizugaki

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
August 16, 2076

An understudy to fellow first-year free safety Hugh Otosaka, MIchael Mikasa Mizugaki lives in his college dorm room with his little sister, 13-year old Isla Mizugaki. Thanks to a hardship won, Isla is able to live with Mikasa at his dorm room while attending school. Should Mizugaki be drafted at the end of his career, Isla would be taken care of by Mrs. Nao Tomori, the provost of Leafa College, as a surrogate guardian, and it is expected that she, too, will enroll at the college as a student.

"Every day, I keep in mind that this is the reincarnation of the Giftia that my father Tsukasa once owned," said Mikasa at his dorm room, watching Isla play FIFA 77 on the PS15 as the Los Angeles Galaxy in Career Mode. "So Dad tells me, you will be moving in with  Ms. Tomori and Mr. Otosaka over in Canberra, so be sure to show respect. They will be taking good care of you two. And Mikasa, guard your sister with your life. You are the only big brother she will ever know and love, so protect her like she is your daughter. Understand?' I saluted him, saying, 'Yes, Dad!' and in December, we moved to Australia to settle with our new hosts.

"We were given a dorm room, room and board, everything, because we enrolled to the college and got accepted because of connections. Ms. Nao, as I call Ms. Tomori, is a wonderful lady. She is resourceful, smart, and she has a son named Hugh, who signed with the college's American football team. At first, I didn't want to join the team because of how physical the sport was.

"It was at Isla's request that I joined the team as a walk-on, or to at least try out for the team. The position I wanted was free safety, because I was told by Coach [Spencer] Alcasid that they only had one person at the position, and he was a first-year. Turns out, that person was Hugh, and he said, 'Why don't you try out the position? Watch what I do and see if you can do it.' So I followed his patterns, and ended up making some interceptions, some hard tackles, and even returned a few picks for touchdowns. He then said, 'If you don't get accepted, I'll vouch for you.' I then said, 'Don't worry about it. The experience of being at this stadium is enough for me.'

Haru Onodera, athletic director, Leafa College athletics

"So one week passes, and I get a meeting. It was my unshakable belief that I had done well enough to not get accepted into the team. Then I meet this wonderful lady. She says, 'Are you Tsukasa's son?' I said, 'Yes, my name's Mikasa.' She says, 'You don't even need to do the trials, you're already in! Haru Onodera, athletic director for Leafa College. Congratulations and welcome to the best team in college football!' I melted into goo as soon as she shook my hand. Isla was at the door, giggling. And I didn't even notice.

"This was the best day ever for me. So now that I am an understudy to the person that is essentially my de facto aniki of record, I'll for repetitions and hope to contribute to what should be a noteworthy year and one that everyone in Australia will talk about for a long time. And I must take care of Isla. Don't worry Isla. Big brother's got your back. Makasete."