Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jumpin' Jack Flash Under The Pump For Leafa Boys On Homecoming

 Kanade, Akane and Aoi Sakurada. Kanade and Aoi are the aunts of Jack Fukushina, while Akane is the mother.

Jumpin' Jack Flash Under The Pump For Leafa Boys On Homecoming

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
September 18, 2076

Morning dawns, and Jonathan Hajime Fukushina wakes up at 6 a.m., bright and early, has his Weet-Bix and goes out for a nice jog in the middle of early spring around Leafa College to greet some of the local staffers and students. Fleet of foot, graceful and nimble in spite of his slightly portly stature, the man his peers call "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is a halfback that can catch the ball like a slotback and run with the elusivity of greats from the past, like Marshall Faulk, Earl Campbell, Barry Sanders, Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson, Reggie Bush, Jerome Bettis, Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson, legendary heroes of the game renowned for their glamour and skills.

The son of a former royal and a technological know-it-all, Jack Fukushina was named as the starting tailback following a nasty injury to second-year halfback Brett Inokuma that sees him sidelined for at least eight weeks, or more than two thirds of the entire season including recovery. But despite his upbringing and affluence (and yes, he was born in a hospital during a hurricane in Honolulu, Hawaii, thankfully, Mum and Dad were all right), Fukushina is concerned about one thing.

"I don't want to get injured either," so said Jumpin' Jack Flash after cooling down at the newly-created co-ed onsen adjacent to Houraisan Centre. "I worked too bloody hard to get my own legs broken, I want to be able to finish the season off without injury. Coach [Harding] is putting me on notice because he knows I'll be getting the lion's share of the reps. I'm on the clock, and I'll do my best for my mum, too."

The notoriety of Fukushina has grown enough that after a game in which he gains at least 200 yards rushing, the Leafa Spirit Band plays "Jumpin' Jack Flash" in its entirety as part of its postgame set, causing the Leafa student body to bounce and wave green flags with lightning bolts.

"You all remember Jack Tatto right?" said Leafa booster Rez Arslan, a 44-year old service worker and trucker from nearby Queanbeyan, NSW, referring  to current Cincinnati Bengal Jackson Tatara. "Well, we have a successor to Jack Tatto, the soon to be world famous Jumpin' Jack Flash Fukushina. We have continuity around these parts. As we all know, injuries are a part of sport, and we hope Flash keeps his wits about him. We need him to come up huge because young Seamus [Shae Katou-Aki] can't do it alone. When it comes to youngsters like Jumpin' Jack Flash, it truly is a gas."